Montessori Inspired – Flora Themed Sensory Tray for Kids


Sensory tray is one of the most powerful tool I use as a parent to keep my son busy which engages his senses and leads to a great open-ended play. Playing and learning through our senses helps our brains develop and make strong neural connections.

I created a flora themed sensory tray for my son to explore. It was fairly easy to do.














Read on to see how simple it is to create a sensory play experience.

All you need is:

– Tray
– Flowers (natural and artificial)
– Leaves  (natural and artificial)

This activity is very flexible in which items you use.

I gathered as many flowers, petals, and leaves that I could come up with, and set it in a tray. Done. Super simple tray for the win!

After an hour all we had was a marvelous mess at the sensory table!
DSC_0472   DSC_0487IMG_20151213_162501859







Learning opportunities:

1. Play based learning

2. Fun

3. Imaginative play

4. Development of 5 important senses

5. Fine motor skills, squeezing, plucking

Flora Themed Sensory Tray Poster

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