Book review: Nothing Ever Happens On 90th Street By Roni Schotter!

Title : Nothing ever happens on 90th street
Author : Roni Schotter | Illustrator : Kyrsten brooker | Genre : picture book, writing | Age 7 plus .

Basically written for budding young writers , this book also serves as an enlightening read for us adults. Whenever most of us get a call over the phone or if we meet someone on the road there will be one common question asked , “What’s special?” and the reply is the same “NOTHING, AS USUAL”. And this book breaks such stereotypes  and changes our view from ‘Nothing’ to ‘Lots of things’  and of course, lots of interesting things .


Eva , sits on the front porch of her apartment on the 90th street, with a notebook in hand, unwrapping her cinnamon danish she recollects what her teacher Mrs. DeMarco said , “Write about what you know, this is the topic given for your writing project.” Eva glances at the street,  hears a child crying, cars honking  and watches Mr. Chang standing outside his seafood emporium. Huh! “as usual and nothing else”, sighed Eva .

Mr. Sims an actor came out of the apartment , on seeing Eva he asks “Writing?? Eva replies “trying , but nothing ever happens on 90 th street. Mr. Sims says , “Eva don’t say like that , the world is a stage and everyone has a part to play , so always observe carefully and note the details.”

Likewise whoever crosses her , gives her a tip or advice on writing. One of the tips given by a dancer is to “imagine and ask  yourself, what if ?” With all these tips and tricks, how Eva crafts the story is the rest  of the book.

Review :

An excellent resource for narrative writing . The story itself makes the kids to be seated at the edge of a chair with a curious mind waiting to know what will happen next .The content of the story teaches all the qualities needed for writing , developing a plot, observation , imagination, dialogue, suspense, poetry and romance . It has more text when compared to other picture book , but still an interesting read . Illustrations are interesting and are in the form of a collage.

“There’s always a new way with the old words .” So all budding writers don’t wait, just find a new way and spice up your writing with the words .

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