More is Better : 4 toddlers books series that you will love!

It is never too early to start reading to your child. Why should a good thing be kept away from them? 

Toddlers love stories that have bright, clear and attractive pictures. And of course they love rhymes. Apart from the special bonding time, you’ll see that your little one knows his favorite parts in the book and is eager to turn the pages himself.

The smart people who write for toddlers obviously believe that more is better. Why else would we have books that present readers with further adventures in the lives of already popular characters? There is a joyous sense of recognition when one encounters an old friend engaged in a new adventure and this is a sure fire way to keep toddlers engaged.

Gajapati Kulapati books by Ashok Rajagopalan

There are currently three books in what promises to be a series. Rajagopalan’s illustrations create a wonderfully idyllic world for the gentle elephant. These books are guaranteed to create elephant lovers at home with their special sound effects!

Books Series 1

Frances books by Russell Hoban

These books, featuring a badger named Frances, deal with common childhood behaviour patterns with kindness and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour. The illustrations may seem a little dated but the situations are as fresh as ever! These are guaranteed to make ‘Remember what happened to Frances’ a regular warning around your house!

Book Series

Spot books by Eric Hill

While the story line is very straightforward, these score big time because they are (most of them), lift the flap books. The anticipation of lifting flap after flap will have your toddler squealing for joy. Guaranteed to create a little lift-the-flapper of your toddler!

Books Series 3


If you give a series by Laura Numeroff

This series follows the idea of what happens when you give various animals different things. Children will love the energetic illustrations with the vivid visual details. Guaranteed to become an instant favourite with demands that it be read again and again and again!

Books Series 4

Which characters make your toddler squeal with joy? Share with us and the other parents!

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