Baahubali 2 – Six reasons to watch the movie with your kids !

Baahubali atop an elephant

Baahubali has become the talk of the country again with the release of the second part. Few movies have entertained the audience in the recent past like the Baahubali movies have done.

None of us want our children to watch too many movies, especially during summer holidays.  But a good movie is always a great option for entertainment. Here are the reasons that make Baahubali 2  a good idea for a family movie outing.

Grand Visuals

Firstly, children love grand visuals, elaborate sets and action scenes. Baahubali 2 has plenty of such visual splendour, usually associated only with Hollywood films like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Super Man etc. It is good to have the kids understand that such great cinematic experiences are to be found in Indian films too.

Home-grown Computer Animation

The grand visuals in Baahubali are the result of outstanding work done by several teams of Computer Animation experts, most of them from the Indian animation industry. Children will love it if you explain how animation technology works. Take a scene or two, and ask them to identify how the animation work has enhanced the visuals. Don’t be surprised if they come up with some great animation ideas of their own !

Indian folk heritage

The story of Baahubali is not new to people of a certain age who have grown up on Chandamama, Amar Chitra Katha, and tales from Mahabharata and Ramayana – the collective heritage of all Indians. However, in the recent decades, our children are not getting to read such stories or watch well made Indian folk or superhero movies. We have instead the Harry Potter series, the Batman films, or the X-Men Franchise – all of them good, but none of them Indian. Since Baahubali draws from the treasure trove of Indian folk and magical stories, children will identify with the characters and their struggles. Moreover, the lead roles and events are as fantastic or more, compared to what we see from Hollywood comic hero movies.

Life Lessons in Baahubali

Like all good stories or films, Baahubali offers a few life lessons, couched in folksy wisdom or actions. As the drama unfolds, Baahubali 2 deals with issues related to legality vs ethics,  and loyalty to the crown vs following the righteous path. Part 1 answers the question, who makes a better ruler – an efficient one, or one with love towards the common people. Part 2 shows how even a just ruler like Sivagami could end up taking wrong decisions, due to ego.

Baahubali’s strong characters

Baahubali is full of such characters, especially the roles of the two leading women, Sivagami, and Devasena. Sivagami shows great wisdom, unflinching devotion to the kingdom, and high ethical standards. And Devasena is a truly empowered woman warrior, who doesn’t hesitate to question the ethics of Mahismati kingdom’s jurisprudence. Discussing with children about these characters can help dispel any unintended and budding gender stereotypes quite effectively. Also, it will help sensitize the kids about the thin lines between virtues and weaknesses.

A simple tale, breathtakingly told

Finally, Baahubali is basically a simple tale told with breathtaking imagination and an almost perfect execution. The director SS Rajamouli and his team worked hard for close to five years to bring the epic to screens. Children will love it, if we ask them which scenes they liked the most and why. Extend the question and ask them to imagine how the film crew planned and shot those scenes.

The important thing from a child’s perspective is the shared movie watching experience with the parent. And the parents showing interest in the opinions and feelings of the child. Yes, you can do this with a book or any movie. Baahubali offers that, plus some unique topics about Indian film making, technology, folk heritage, and universal human values.

Plan a Baahubali movie outing with your kids soon ! If you let them go on their own or with friends, you would have lost an opportunity to create some happy bonding moments.

Here’s the Hindi version trailer – just to whet your appetite !


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