Making Parenting PriceLess – A conversation with Anjali Goyal of SecondCry

As parents, we all have gone through the phase of buying a whole lot of stuff for our kids. Sometimes we just “have to have it”, sometimes  it is “just-in-case”. Something was “just too cute”, and something came heavily recommended by a friend who swore by it. The only glitch is that the children outgrow a lot of stuff pretty quickly, and we discover that a lot of things were never or very rarely used, and have a lot of life left in them. You just can’t give away these things in scrap for reasons both sentimental (“But our son said his first words in that pram!”) and financial (it cost a bomb when you bought it).

While earlier things used to be handed down to cousins, the practice is almost non-existent now because of the nuclear families. These were the thoughts in Anjali’s mind, when she thought of connecting like-minded parents so that they could swap, buy and sell their pre-loved stuff, to bring a smile to another parent and child. We connected with her to discuss how SecondCry is bringing a difference to the parents’ lives!

Team KidEngage: What’s the story behind SecondCry?

Anjali: When we became parents, we found that our kid was outgrowing things at a rapid pace. Getting rid of my kid’s outgrown stuff which was cluttering my house was challenging, and also used to make me feel guilty of the amount spent on it. I decided to share these things with like-minded parents and that was the start of our Facebook group in Feb 2015. Today the group boasts of 20,000 members who buy-sell-swap and donate kid’s outgrown stuff every single day.


Team KE: So, SecondCry is all set to change the world of parenting shopping?

Anjali: Parenting is becoming imprudent because of mostly single child households, nuclear families and increasing spending capabilities. With kids, more is quite often less and we do feel a need to get them everything in the world, because most of us are also doing it only once! SecondCry is an effort to make parenting spend a bit more thoughtful and put things to use rather than just collecting them.


Team KE: That’s interesting. Could you please share an interesting story about a customer using SecondCry?

Anjali: One of my customers had a new-born baby and she was looking for entire paraphernalia starting from crib to pram. However, she already had 2 kids and couldn’t afford much. Her request for these things on platform received an overwhelming response and she was spoilt by choices in her budget. It’s instances like this that make our day at SecondCry.


Team KE: What sets SecondCry apart from the other e-commerce sites for baby goods?

Anjali: Unlike other e-commerce sites that want you to spend more and more, SecondCry encourages you to buy less, spend less and use more. We have a mission to make parenting priceless, pun intended!


Team KE: That’s something we can totally relate to. What were the first thoughts when you got your first customer?

Anjali: I just wanted him to have a wonderful experience. He was looking for a pram in a hurry and liked one on the platform. To make the process faster, I booked a cab and made the delivery happen within 2 hours of payment. He was delighted and thankful! His experience was even better than any e-commerce delivery.

Team KE: Community is a very important component of a marketplace. What benefits does your customer get from the SecondCry community, except of course, the leads for the things that they are looking for?

Anjali: They can discuss anything and everything about parenting with each other. Community builds the trust factor which helps in buying & selling as well. They can take each other’s opinion about a product before buying it for themselves. So, it becomes a holistic and personalised experience than just doing a transaction and moving on!

Do check out and buy-sell-swap kids’ stuff, or connect with Anjali here.

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