Holiday Homework Horror : Top tips to Finish those Projects in a Breeze!


Holiday Homework!!!

Loads of stuff to do but don’t know where to start from? That’s what we usually feel during vacations about homework! No one likes to study and everyone admits it too, especially during the summer holidays.
Summer vacation is a time when we play, enjoy waking up late, travelling to fun vacation spots, shopping and having loads of fun with our friends and family. Who thinks of horrid studies and homework during this time? But, unfortunately, we have to, as most schools tend to give certain projects and worksheets to all of their students  during the holidays.


Many of us just end up becoming  lazy in vacations, enjoying the luxury of sleeping late that we tend to forget the tonnes of school homework that has to be completed during the holidays!

Here are a few tips that will help you to plan and strategize to complete all your projects much before school reopens and you can avoid the last minute rush and also enjoy your free time to the maximum.


  • Spare two hours daily or on alternate days to do your homework. You don’t need to overload yourself otherwise you will end up feeling bored.


  • To keep the school homework interesting, give yourself some little tasks. For example, when done with one subject or topic, don’t jump to another one  but enjoy the rest of the day playing.
  • Study effectively. Sparing two or more hours everyday for your homework doesn’t mean that you do it listlessly. There is a certain time when your brain can learn most effectively, it can be the morning or evening. Try to block a time  slot during these hours.
  • Studying  for two hours consecutively can be a little boring sometimes. So take little breaks while reading or writing. Studying in segments is great fun and you can complete your work without even knowing that you have completed it. During those short breaks – listen to your favourite song, watch something for a brief moment on TV or even have a chat with your siblings /friends and then start with your homework again.
  • There could be certain topics in your homework which will require a little guidance from the grownups. Make a list of the topics that you can do individually and of those that require help. Finish the ones that can be done individually, then ask your elders to help you with the rest.
  • Like you, your friends, cousins and others in the neighbourhood must have plenty of homework to do too. Plan with them. Organise a day for combined studies, share your homework plans, discuss important topics and guide each other.IMG_6796
  • In case, you have to travel with your family to spend a good part of the holidays, set a date to finish your homework beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about it later.
  • Usually summer vacation homework is divided into three parts. That is writing, reading and gathering information. As writing mostly takes up more time, so your first task should be to finish the writing one. Once writing is done, start with the reading task.
  • The best source to collect the latest and a huge amount of information these days is the internet. You can get ample information on various topics. Ask any elder in your family to help you do the research.

Research suggests  that studying for 30 minutes, 3 – 5 times a week is a very effective way of helping children catch up, maintain or even excel in their academic abilities, especially if they are given one to one input.


Many teachers notice a dip in the academic abilities of children after the summer holidays. The Maths and English level children prior to the holidays, may not be the same at the end of the holidays. Many children are usually when they start school again and there is often a noticeable difference in many areas including handwriting and reading.

However, everybody needs a break. Children need time to unwind and have a break without the pressure of homework hanging over them. Parents also need a break from telling children what to do all the time. Children need time to just play or do things that they feel like doing, in their own time. Holidays are the ideal social time, where children get to play with each other outside of an education establishment. It is a time to feed creativity and imagination.

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