Why Not Celebrate Raksha Bandhan as Siblings Day!


The most loved festival of brothers and sisters – Raksha Bandhan is here.

However,  in the present times there are mainly nuclear families with one or maximum two children in the family. Most cousins also do not reside in the same city anymore. Ofcourse, you can send them your Rakhis and sweets through online orders now. But the festival sometimes becomes a dampener for siblings who are two brothers or sisters instead.

On a closer look, you will find that this is not just about a sister tying a Rakhi to her brother so he protects her. In certain households, older sisters are more than willing to protect their younger brothers.

Also, families with two sisters or brothers are all too happy to celebrate this festival by tying Rakhi to each other and promising to protect each other and cherish their bond forever. More than protection, it is the celebration of the sweet and sour relationship of siblings that needs to be highlighted on this day. Nowadays, the holiday has expanded to become a celebration of siblings.

The Rakhi tied on siblings’ wrists symbolize the siblings’ eternal bond of love.


Enjoying the small arguments, begrudging the sharing of your stuff and space with your sibling. Siblings are like Tom and Jerry. They tease and irritate each other, but you simply cannot imagine a life without each other. But in the end, truly enjoying the this love-hate relationship as you know when the going gets tough, there will always  be someone who has your back!


So let’s celebrate Rakhi this year with a promise to always be there for each other. Just because you are sisters or two brothers this festival is not less important to you and still calls for celebration, love and presents.It’s definitely a good thing Raksha Bandhan has expanded its scope to include sisters, siblings in law, cousins. We need all the sibling figures we can get.Siblings are the precious gifts God has sent just for me.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to you all.


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