Top 5 Exciting Gifts to Buy for Moms


Moms –  give birth to us, nurture us, and make us what we are today with unconditional love, care, and patience.

The definition of love is explained by her feelings towards her children. In all other relationships, there is always a give and take agenda but this logic just doesn’t work with moms. On her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, or any other kind of festival, here are some gift suggestions that you may consider.

Indoor Plants: Indoor Plants are rising the popularity charts in the gifts department. Plants kept in any corner of the home enriches the whole look. It brings a lot of vibrancy and positivity to home. As a mother’s day gift idea, an indoor plant would be fabulous. Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Jade Plant, Bonsai Plants, Calatheas, Ferns, etc. can be your choice of plants to buy for your mom. These plants apart from removing the unwanted toxins from the air also keeps people stress-free.

Indoor Plant for mom

Personalized Chef Cap and Apron: She is the best cook in the world. You may have eaten all kind of food belonging to most types of cuisines across the world but you always want to return to food she prepares for you. This taste cannot be attained anywhere else in the world, not even when you are cooking from her cook book. So, the best birthday or Mother’s Day present for moms would be a personalized apron and chef cap. Imprint her lovely picture with caption: “Home Cooked Food is equal to Heaven” on the apron and an image of spices on the chef cap.

apron for mom

Relaxing Chair: Moms hardly take time out for themselves because they are mostly busy taking care of others. A relaxing chair for her on the upcoming Diwali or Christmas would be a perfect kind of gift for her. Show your care and respect towards her with a super comfortable relaxing chair where she can take a short afternoon nap with her favorite book.


Floral Tea Cup and Saucer Set: A fancy and beautiful set of floral print tea cups and saucer would be another unique mother’s day gift to woo her. She is simply going to love it for the fresh look of this set. A warm and nice looking cup is very important for those who are very fond of tea. So, if she is one of them, surprise her with this set.

Vintage teacupss

Fragrant Candles: Candles are still in use even in this ultra-modern age. As a home décor item, a candle is really a wonderful thing that one must keep. Buy a basket full of fragrant candles and present to your mom as a mother’s day gift. The sweet fragrance coming out of these candles eases the mood, calms the nerves, and makes the ambience of home a peaceful one.

Candle light dinner




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