Safety Check – Have you done this yet?

The recent incidents related to kids murder, abuse, molestation in the so called ‘big schools’, have left all the parents in dread and shock. Gambling with the safety of the kids, the schools ditch the trust of the parents. Here is a check list to ensure you know about your little ones when you are not around.

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1. Speak to the crisis management team in school and talk to them about their emergency plans.
2. Find out how the local police involves in case of emergency.
3. Form parent groups to discuss safety measures with school administration.
4. Help the little ones to master the contact number of one of the parent.
5. Talk to the kids about their day. Who they hang around with? What do they do in break or free hours?bus
6. During meets or otherwise, find out your and other kids behavior in the classroom and outside.
7. Alert the kids to resolve issues without fighting and how bullying affects self confidence
8. Warn the kids not to talk to strangers or accept gifts from anyone.
9. Sometimes it is good to make ruckus. Tell them to shout loud when they are forced to do something that is not right.
10. Prepare them to deal with emergencies by telling them what to do when they are alone or lost in a crowd.
11. Have the phone number of Transport team in school and the bus driver handy if your child travels in school bus.internet
12. Know the travel routes of the bus and halting points of the bus.
13. Keep an eye on your kids internet use. Restrict the screen time and involve kids in healthy conversation and play.
14. Be open to kids when talking about sensitive issues like Good Touch, Bad Touch, bullying, body shaming etc.
15. Send your kid to self-defense classes if possible to fight for the good.karate
Always trust your kid and never take her easy. When the child talks about their discomfort with someone or something, make sincere efforts to find out what is wrong. Better be safe than sorry.

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