Children’s day – Let’s celebrate in a distinct way

Children are a very special gift of god as they bring happiness and cheer in one’s life.

They are very soft hearted, innocent and full of joy, they’re a special gift from god.

As we all know that children’s day (Bal Diwas) which is celebrated on 14th November every year is a birthday of our first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru Ji was very attached towards children and he did a lot of hard work for their development, education and welfare. He wished to celebrate his birthday as children’s day to increase awareness among people about rights and education of children; children also love him equally and call him Chacha Nehru with all love and respect.

Children’s day brings me down to my memory lane when I was a kid. This day was very special for us as we were allowed wearing fancy colorful clothes in school.  We had cultural programs for this day where some of our teachers performed for us and we felt so glad to see our strict teachers performing for us. it made us feel special. After the function we got our favorite snacks.  It was a childhood which I will  always miss…


As children’s day is around the corner, I thought to share something to all…Let’s celebrate this children’s day with your kids or kids around you and make it more pleasant for them.

1) Wish your kids happy children’s day in a distinctive way like gifting some chocolates or their favorite story book or a handmade card to tell that it’s a day for them.

2) Give your kids the best gift of time; spend time with them without any gadgets. Let your inner child come out and play their favorite games, sing songs or tell stories.

3) Prepare your kid’s favorite dish for them, which will bring a smile on their face.

4) Give them some activity work based on children’s day like drawing, coloring and puzzles or tell them the story from your childhood like how you celebrated that day during childhood.

5) If possible plan outdoor, bring kids to a garden, an amusement park or any nearby place where they love to go.

Also, there is lots happening in the city for the kids. There are activities, mini parties, picnics, dance, cartoon and music shows all over, so if you have kids or known in family & friends who have kids then let them know about events in Delhi, details can be found by searching upcoming events.

I have composed small lyrics for this special day;

Tumhari jai ho Jawaharlal,Tumhari jai ho jawaharlal

O’ Bharat ke laal ,tumhari jai ho Jawaharlal…

Tumko nihaar ke vishwa prafullit,mudit hoti sari srishti

mudit hoti sari srishti….

vani me sudha vyashti ho jati,jaha kahi hoti teri drishti

Aaj tumhare janm diwas par, hum sab hai pulkit…

tumhari jai ho Jawaharlal……………..

Wish you and your kids “HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY”.

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