Click! Click! How to encourage your child’s photography skills?


Pointing at any random object around him and shooting it with my mobile phone’s camera is my son’s favourite pastime these days. Though he’s just 2.7 year old, he manages to click just-about-okay pictures, can open them from the phone’s gallery and also knows how to delete the pictures just like any other pre-schooler of his age would. He amuses most of the guests that visit us and people find it fun to pose for the pictures he clicks. Needless to mention that most of the pictures he clicks are slightly blurred and many of them don’t capture the subject in its totality.

Still, I, as a mother, am happy. Happy because my child is doing something productive with my phone apart from just watching cartoon videos on it. Happy because he is exhibiting his interest in photography at such an early age and is also unknowingly working on it using my phone!

I am sure many of you have older kids who show signs of being future photographers then here’s how you can encourage their photography skills:

Get them a camera

To begin clicking, your kid needs a good camera. You can begin with handing to her an old mobile phone camera where she can click almost unlimited pictures and delete the ones that are not great.

Pocket it

Encourage your child to carry his camera wherever he goes. This way he will be able to shoot interesting subjects and enhance his interest in photography.

Photography classes

Urge your child to take photography lessons by enrolling her in a photography class. This will also help her find new friends with similar interests which will help her to continue trying her hand at photography.

Gift others the pictures he clicks

On happy occasions, you can print and frame the pictures your child clicks. This will make known his photography skills to people around you giving a sense of achievement to your child.

Click pictures with her

Be a part of her photography drive by discussing frames, lights, angles etc. and discuss with your child what she has in mind with respect to a particular photograph. This will make her feel like she’s not alone and either parent taking interest in her interest will also boost her morale.

Contests and competitions

Encourage your child to participate in photo contests, competitions and challenges that involve photos or photography. This will push him to perform better and will create an inner urge in him to click better pictures every time.

Look online for free photography tutorials

Download tutorials that can help your child to learn photography at her own convenience.


Look for a renowned photographer and request him to teach photography to your child as an intern. This will help your child better his skills to a great extent.

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