KidEngage Writing Competition Winning Entry – “The Fainting Surprise” by Aadya


Continuing our series of the KidEngage writing competition winning entries, the one presented to you this week has won a Special Prize in the Flash Fiction category in the 8-11 years age group. This engaging account with a twist of suspense in it has been penned by Aadya, a student of Grade VI in the DDMS P Obul Reddy Public School, Hyderabad

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Here you go!

The Fainting Surprise

I woke up panting; I noticed that I was sweating all over. It was 12 in the midnight. I failed to notice the source which woke me up, my parents were deep in sleep snoring. I shut my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but then the same urge woke me up.

I decided to go out a get some fresh air. I noiselessly shut the door and went out. The sky was clear and filled with beautiful shiny stars, and then suddenly a faint fog drifted through the air.

Through the fog, I could get a faint image of a lady sitting near the old banyan tree. The tree was considered to be haunted from the time of the ruling kings. As per the old legend, a young lady was brutally murdered and hung on the tree by the kings’ men, as she refused to follow the cruel ritual, SATI. This legend had been carefully circulated through time, and is still believed. It was said that her spirit had always been lurking on the tree. I thought exceptionally at night who was this lady who dared to sit near the tree. I couldn’t see her face as long rough strands of hair covered her it.

Then, suddenly, something happened which I was not prepared for. She gave a sudden jerk and turned towards me. Her body crouched low and her face towards the ground she crept towards me like a wild predator moving to catch its lurking prey. She was barely a foot away from me and then she lifted her head up..It was truly creepy, I blinked and then she was gone. I rushed back in and sat down on the couch breathing heavily.

Shockingly, I saw my family members walking towards me, led by a faint blue light. Everything suddenly went blank, the light came back as fast as it was gone. Everything was in blur focus and then, I could hear numerous shouts echoing around the room-‘SURPRISE!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUDE ‘

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