KidEngage Writing Competition Winning Entry – “The Modern Trojan Horse” by Arnav

Trojan Horse story

Continuing our series of the writing competition winning entries, the one presented to you this week has won a Special Prize  in the Flash Fiction category in the 8-11 years age group. The story is written by Arnav Dharia, a student of Grade III of Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai. Look at how innovatively this young writer has put together the legend and the technology. We bet you will be impressed.

Please feel free to read, share and comment – to encourage the budding writers.

Here you go!

The Modern Trojan Horse

The Greeks were trying to go inside Troy to rescue Helen. Troy was well protected by tall walls and the latest technology including laser beams and motion sensors.

The Greeks built a Trojan robotic horse which had missiles, bombs and other ammunition. The horse looked real from outside, but inside it was metal. Inside the metal horse was a person named Itha controlling the horse.

The Greeks left the horse outside the gates of Troy and departed in their submarines. One soldier named Sinon hid nearby.

The people of Troy were overjoyed to see that the Greeks have left, and in place they was a magnificent horse. Sinon came out of the hiding place. He told them that the horse was a gift to the Goddess Athene to bring the Greeks luck on their trip home. The people took the horse inside.

In the night there was a huge feast, there was dancing, racing and games, with trophies for the winners. Early next morning, when the people were asleep, Itha transformed the horse into a robot, and went about attacking Troy with his bombs and missiles. He rescued HELEN and went back home.



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