Mirror, mirror on the wall – Kids are their parents’ reflections

We have almost come close towards the end of the year. The weather is perfect and most schools plan their cultural activities this time. Being a mom of two kids, most weekends has me running for one child’s sport day or a stage performance of the other one.

Most of these events has us parents seated in the audience while we watch our children perform in front of everyone all by themselves. No parents to hold their hands. During one such event I realised, how its time to set the young ones free and watch how they have learnt to fly on their own. Teachers guide them well at school to find their wings while we parents should help them take the flight.

Are we letting them go soon?


As they find their individuality and themselves, all we can as parents do is guide them in the right direction by giving them a safe and secure environment and equipping them with tools of values and courage.


They are our reflections!

Have you been setting up a good example for them? To be better human beings they have to be kind, compassionate and focused. Always remember they are watching us even when we feel that they are not, (that would be all the time!)

How we deal with our relationships and challenges at work – basically with the way of life. This is all being observed by those little eyes and they are absorbing all this information.

This will also be the ways in which they would learn to deal various challenges that they will face in life. And most of the time they would do it alone, as we cannot be present during each situation they face in school. This is when those values that we have  taught them will come into play.


So, when you see perform on stage in front of a huge audience, you will be surprised that they are basically reflecting  whatever they have observed their parents doing. They practiced hard to perform because this what they have seen you doing. They have not given up the race before they reach the finish line because they have watched their parents’ persist. They have worked hard to study for that exam as they know that this what you would do because hard works helps get good results.

Basically, your children represent you. So have you set a great example for them to follow today?

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