Reconnect with nature – 5 Adventure Activities Organisers in Bangalore

Camping Organisers in Bangalore

Family, Adventure, Nature and Just a Weekend! We are all living life in the fast lane and many of us look for a weekend to withdraw from our chaotic routines! Weekends are planned with visits to malls or movies or events. Why not try something that gets you in the lap of nature and gives you a taste of adventure too – all in and around Bangalore? Get ready to discover some of the best adventure activities organisers in Bangalore and around!

The Outback Experience

The Outback Experience is a one-stop solution for an incredible holiday that offers you luxurious accommodation, a unique farm experience, birding and adventures in bird photography, unparalleled opportunities in learning about photography through their camps and workshops, exhilarating nature-based activities and a guaranteed good time.  They are one of India’s leading kids’ camps and photography training companies and offer exciting learning opportunities for any budding photography or nature enthusiast. Lead by award-winning wildlife photographer, Phillip Ross, participants are sure to take back a wealth of knowledge with regards to photography and wildlife and take home tons of good photographs all while having a super fun holiday.


They are a group of adventurers, riders, and explorers, who love the great outdoors and invite you to join them on unforgettable trips and events. The activities that they conduct include Star Gazing, Camping, Trail Hiking, and Bonfire, and have fun, kid-friendly events for the entire family too. Their campsites offer a unique, exciting experience – from beach camping to mountain camping. The amazing scenery, from misty mountains to sandy beaches offer an exuberating yet relaxing getaway.

Honey Bees Nature Club


Honey Bees Nature Club is a nature/outdoor recreation club for the entire family, groups, communities, schools, and institutions. They organize adventurous activities and free play at various naturally endowed locations around Bangalore.  Their goal is to instill the love of nature, respect for the environment and encourage curiosity and a sense of awe by taking people of all ages and their families outdoors. Their activities include:

  • Tales N Trails- ‘Story Walks’ around city parks with renowned storytellers and naturalists.
  • Round The Bend Explorations- Discovering the natural, wild and relatively untouched spaces across Bangalore.
  • Mini Family Mini Campout- An authentic and rustic camping experience for families in child-friendly and safe environments.
  • All Natural Birthdays- Birthday sessions for anyone looking to make a difference by having a clean and green celebration.
  • Nature Walks.
  • Organic Gardening Workshops and Nature Curriculum

Nature Journey

Nature Journey is a dedicated team of individuals and an outdoor education organization. They are a social enterprise with a mission to provide leadership in the expansion of experiential life skills, environmental and adventure education as well as wilderness skills. They have designed a safe environment in natural settings where they engage participants deeply in adventure activities. Their programs are an engaging mix of fun and learning and are designed and led by outdoor experts and behavioral science practitioners.

Nature Admire

For all those passionate adventurers who love to explore the unexplored wilderness and experience them ethically, Nature Admire makes your dream come true. Their program is more about the practice to learn outdoors skills in the backcountry, which is an ideal setting for learning experiential education and wilderness study. The classrooms are in the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, the beaches, jungles of Western & Eastern Ghats. They believe in exploring untouched places, which could explore them by trekking. They also have exciting activities like rafting, rock climbing, parasailing, paragliding, skiing, and scuba diving to pump your adrenaline. All by trained instructors! Their programs start from a day hike, overnight camps to multi-day events to long adventure holidays.


With nature, the learning never ends. Gift your child a wonderful opportunity to explore nature in its true colors through touch, sound, and smell. Active Shadows offers a convenient retreat from the pollution of the city, based just off your neighborhood. Their chikoo orchard is home to ducks, rabbits, turkeys, sheep, cows and silkie bantam. They have a handful of activities that children and parents can take part in which bonds the family together differently. Liberate yourself from the busy urban life for a pleasant and memorable experience that awaits you at Active Shadows farm. They organize all kinds of events – Birthday party, family outing, Corporate Outing, Outdoor activities for all ages.

Go ahead and instill the love of nature, respect for the environment and encourage curiosity and a sense of awe in your children. Keep checking for more nature and outdoor events happening around you here.

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