Escape into Nature – 5 Adventure Activity Organisers in Hyderabad


Escape into Nature

City’s busy life can get too vexing at times. Ever thought if you could escape into Nature without monotonous busy schedules and tight deadlines? Maybe you couldn’t do so because you didn’t want to travel for days together or didn’t want to end up with holes in the pocket. Here is a perfect budget and family-friendly solution – spend a day in the serene green, trekking, camping, or just relaxing with friends and family and touring a farm, along with night campfire, gazing at the stars and sleeping in a tent. Sounds fun, isn’t it? And to top it all, these places are just a few hours’ drive from the city.

Herba Valley Eco Farms, Zaheerabad

A 1100-acre farm about 90 mins drive from herbaHyderabad, Herba Valley is a biodynamic farm, with nature taking its course with some planned plantation. Surrounded by 800 acres of reserve forest with rich biodiversity and close to a natural lake, this place is totally unpolluted and amidst the nature’s perfect harmony with valleys as far as your eye can see and hillocks with wonderful views. A great place for the kids too, as they try their hands at tree climbing and identifying various species of plants, and if they are lucky, some animals too!

Sid’s Farm, Chevella Road


Located very near to the Chevella Shahbad highway is Sid’s Farm, which is a 4 acre natural dairy farm. Over the past 4 years, the dairy farm has evolved to attract many outdoor enthusiasts for volunteering and camping. The farm gives people an opportunity to spend time closer to animals under an open sky. The main attraction at the farm is the camping, community cooking and barbeque event. These are especially sought after during celestial events like the meteor showers. People flock down to cook in small groups with strangers under the open sky with bare minimum resources. On a cautionary note, the core of Sid’s farm is a dairy farm, hence the facilities are bare minimal. They meet all the requirements, but they are not as lavish as an outdoor resort or farm house. The place is good for people who love nature in its raw form.

Hidden Castle, Mathpally

The Hidden Castle, as its name suggests, is an imposing castle-themed resort a one-hour’s smooth drive away from Hyderabad. Sprawling majestically over 30 acres of untamed terrain, it is just what adventure and nature lovers dream of. The awe-inspiring experience begins right from the circular, domed reception hall. In a typical castle-like welcome, they cross the arch bridge with quaint boats plying in the waters under it and enter when inside the lowered drawbridge. The feeling magnifies as they enter the Four Seasons hall named after the four marble statues that grace it and reaches a crescendo when they take in the many leisure and adventure activities awaiting them.

Outdoers, India

Outdoers curate trails and camping options across the sub-continent. And many of these are suited for groups comprising newbie trekkers or groups with young children. As part of family treks, they throw in a wee bit of learning about local flora and fauna, star gazing, bird-watching etc. Their adventure activities such as white-water rafting or valley crossing make the perfect family vacations.

The Wild Cabana,  Medchalwild

Your family and friends will appreciate you for giving them an outing they won’t forget! The lush greenery and wide range of facilities for fun and relaxation will make the urban rat race a distant memory. Packages include breakfast, lunch buffet, snacks and plenty of exhilarating activities that are sure to revitalise your entire group!


Go ahead and instill the love of nature, respect for the environment and encourage curiosity and a sense of awe in your children. Keep checking for more nature and outdoor events happening around you here.

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