How to Best Arrange your Daily Routine as a Busy Mom?

Busy Mom

Whether you are a mom of one or you have an entire soccer team, there is no denying that raising a child takes a lot out of you. Conversations between mothers will almost always include talk about how busy the day gets. It seems as though each passing minute brings a new struggle or challenge that you have to overcome.

The Struggle

To be honest, it’s not so much that moms are disorganized or that they procrastinate too much and allow work to build up. It is just the unpredictable nature of parenthood. One moment, you could be on track, conquering the day with admirable determination. The next moment, your toddler gets their hands on some ink and spills it all over your gorgeous white sofa leaving you the mammoth task of having to clean it out. By no means is your toddler being malicious but their fun is definitely your inconvenience. Most important is to always have a fun time with your child and still stay on top of your daily tasks.
There is no telling what could happen during the day and each moment has the potential to throw you completely off course. But that doesn’t mean that you should immediately dismiss the idea of having a go-to routine to help you better manage your day. As a mother myself, I decided to create my own personal schedule that has had a significant impact on how I approach each day. I’m going to share some of the tips that I rely on and while not every mom can relate to or adapt this routine, there’s no denying that it is a good starting point for the busy mom who could use a little boost.

Plan ahead

This might seem like a hopeless suggestion given the unpredictable nature of most busy moms’ days. However, planning in any aspect of your life gives you an idea of what your day should look like. From your daughter’s dance recital to bill payments, it helps to write down all of your responsibilities and spread them out accordingly so you can be better prepared.

If you are a working mom, this is especially beneficial because the last thing you want is to forget to pick up your child and then only remember it during an important meeting. Of course, this is where dad comes in to help but if you made an early agreement to shield that responsibility, you could be stuck in a very difficult position. I’m not suggesting you draw up an elaborate chart but something as simple as writing down important events each day can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Make use of nametags

For the busy mom with school children, this is a sure fire way to save time. If your child carries specific books, bags or utensils to school, then you can stick nametags onto their belongings to make it easier for you to locate them in the morning. No more desperately searching for lost Tupperware because from now on you will have it tagged with your little one’s name tag.

Pay attention

Planning out a daily routine is a challenge when you are an individual. But, it’s even harder when you have little ones running around the house or teenagers dealing with hormones and the general stresses of adolescence. One of the best ways to better arrange your daily routine is to pay close attention to your children’s needs and attitudes. If your toddler is not a fan of oatmeal, then you might not want to waste your morning trying to feed them oatmeal. Instead, replace it with an alternative cereal that they almost always agree to eat. If your 16-year- old daughter takes forever to get ready, then it is best to wake her up before her siblings. By the time she finishes styling her hair or going back and forth between outfits, your other kids will be ready to go. In no way is this a foolproof plan to help start your day promptly but it can save you some time if you weed out small things that your kids do which often lead to inconvenient delays.


The final tip I have for busy moms looking to get their daily routines in order is to relax. Motherhood is full of different challenges and not everyone handles their lives in a similar manner. Before you rush to compare yourself with other moms, understand that each mom knows what works best for her and her children. Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to maintain balance. At the end of the day, as long as you love your children and maintain a healthy level of confidence in your parenting, you should figure it out eventually.


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