Holi Hai – 5 Books about Holi that you must read!!

Holi Hai!

From colours of joy to rings of laughter echoing in the air, the colorful festival of the year is here. There’s only one thing that comes to mind immediately when the festival of Holi is mentioned – bright, vibrant colors everywhere! Holi is literally one of the most colorful festivals in the world!  Known as the festival of colors, Holi is celebrated on the last full moon in the lunar month of Phalguna. This ancient tradition marks the end of winter and honors the triumph of good over evil. Celebrants light bonfires, throw colorful powder called gulal, eat sweets, and dance to traditional music. Watch this video about the Story of Holi. Or read from one of these books about Holi.

 Children’s Books about Holi

  1. Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival by Shweta Aggarwal


This is a Wonderful new book in the Dev and Ollie series! Very fun way to teach kids about the festival of Holi. Educational, colorful, and entertaining! Dev and Ollie have just arrived in India to enjoy the amazing festival of colors, Holi. But Dev doesn’t like getting mucky! Will Dev’s magical bedtime owl, Ollie, be able to change Dev’s mind? Modern, informative and funny, the Dev and Ollie series of books take children on magical adventures to unique festivals in India and around the world.

  1. Amma Tell Me about Holi by Bhakti Mathur

Amma Tell Me About Holi

Here’s the magical story of Holi—the Indian festival of colors in all its glory, as told to Klaka, a little boy, by his Amma, with a lot of joy. First, a story of colors and fun. Naughty young Krishna and Radha, his loved one. Next, we celebrate the end of an evil fraud. A monstrous king, who thought he was God. He threatened his own son, who did not think him divine, but against the evil king, faith and miracles did align. A story of faith, devotion, and love passed down to children, from generations above.

  1. Festival of Colors – Kabir Sehgal & Surishtha Sehgal

Festival of Colors

Learn all about Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors, in this lush picture book from bestselling mother/son duo Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal. Spring is here, and it’s almost time for Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors. Siblings Mintoo and Chintoo are busy gathering flowers to make into colorful powders to toss during the festival. And when at last the big day comes, they gather with their friends, family, and neighbors for a vibrant celebration of fresh starts, friendship, forgiveness, and, of course, fun!

  1. Let’s Play Holi Indian Culture Board Book for Kid

Let's Play Holi

Join Danu, Geet, Sinu, and Furr-Furr for their favorite festival, Holi! Learn about the tale of Prahlad and Holika from Dadi, and enjoy the delicious feast prepared by Nani. Celebrate this festival of colors with the most colorful book ever!

  1. Let’s Celebrate Holi! (Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Series, Book 3)

Let's Celebrate Holi

In this multicultural and educational series from Bollywood Groove, join Maya, Neel and their pet squirrel, Chintu, as they visit their cousin Ameya in India to celebrate Holi! Kids will learn about history, food, language and cultural elements of Holi as it is celebrated across India… all while making two new best friends. The book includes the Story of Holi, Holi around India and Pictorial summary of Holi.

Celebrate an Eco-friendly and Safe Holi:

Colours used in Holi are meant to reflect the various hues of the spring season.  The colors used during Holi were prepared from the flowers of trees that blossomed during spring. Most of these trees also had medicinal properties and the colours obtained from them were highly beneficial to the skin. But nowadays, most Holi colors are artificial. These are inexpensive when compared to the natural colours, but these artificial colors consist of a large number of chemicals, which can have severe ill-effects on your health. The colours  contain harmful chemicals like Copper Sulphate, Mercury Sulphite, Lead Oxide, etc. that cause renal failure, Cancer, Allergies, and Dermatitis. So it would be a good idea to opt for natural colours, right?

Natural colors are easily available in the market, but wouldn’t it be fun to make natural Holi colors yourself??

Here are more activities you can do for Holi:

Holi is a time for colourful celebrations. May your lives be filled with happy colours, good health and memorable moments! Happy Holi!


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