KidEngage DIY Hacks – Olaf Sock Toy

Finding meaningful ways to engage children in becoming aware of and exploring their emotions is an important step towards raising confident, happy kids. This special crafting activity will help kids learn about emotions or how to engage themselves mindfully!  This is just perfect to start practicing mindfulness with your kids, as the kids are home too after the intense exam stress!

Read on for full instructions.


1 white cotton sock

A sheet of Black Felt

A small piece of Orange felt for nose

White or clear rubber bands- 3

Fabric Glue

Medium sized googly eyes – 2

Directions :

  • This is a good idea to recycle an old lonely sock whose pair has gone missing. Take it and fill it up with 1 cup rice.

Picture1 [3188511].png                                                      Picture2 [3188510].png

Squeeze and shake it down until you have the shape you want for Olaf’s bottom.

  • Make three parts – one for head and remaining two for body. Use those white or clear rubber bands to create the shape of Olaf as shown in the pictures.

Picture3 [3188509]   Picture4 [3188508]    Picture7 [3188505].png

  • Cut the black felt for mouth, eyebrows,small three rounds for the buttons and stick them using fabric glue as shown in the picture.
  • Cut Orange felt for the nose shape. Stick the nose and googly eyes.

Picture6 [3188506]

  • Your Olaf toy is ready – keep it on your desk, or play with it when your friends come over!

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