Stir the Passion, Stew the Fun at The Culinary Lounge

Culinary Lounge

One cannot help but gaze in awe when they enter the beautifully built and decorated The Culinary Lounge, situated in Jubilee Hills. The neatly manicured lawns, the gorgeous and chic ambience, and the smiles that welcome you quickly turn the awe into warmth. As you take a walk inside, and listen to the story behind the place, you can only think of one thing – why didn’t we have such places that make learning so much fun and hands-on when we were growing up!


The Beginning

The Culinary Lounge is the brainchild of Gopi Krishna Kishore Byluppala, who jumped the corporate ship to start – a startup that connects the home chefs with people who appreciate good food. According to him, a meal is not just food, but an exploratory journey to know cultures and traditions and to  build beautiful relations. He connects with home chefs from all over the country, and enables them to host their signature meals for guests. Eventually, this led to him conceptualising The Culinary Lounge, which is the physical extension of the connection between food, host and guest. Naturally, Gopi has a great place for food in his heart. “Coming from a joint family, during festivals, our home would always have lots of people and we would bond over home-cooked food and I always enjoyed those moments,” says he.

The Set Up 1

Started about 8 months ago, The Culinary Lounge impresses you with the set up. Gleaming white workstations, with top of the range appliances by Whirlpool and accessories by KitchenAid just call out to you to don your chef hat and apron. Spacious and warm, the work area inspires you to whip up an art with your kitchen ingredients. Above all, utmost care is taken to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

The whole place has a cheery, colorful vibe representing world culinary culture, people, happiness, relationships, bonding, cooking, and travel. It inspires and motivates professional chefs and amateur home cooks alike to cook & eat together.

A Great Place for Kids

An important skill for the children to learn, cooking doesn’t usually top the list of exciting things to do as a hobby or for holidays. Bring the kids here once, and see the change right in front of your eyes. The children will want to stay, to cut, to experiment and to cook, all under the watchful and supportive guidance of the chefs. The team at the Culinary Lounge want the children to enjoy the process of cooking and eating, and have a variety of experiences to offer them. At the classroom of flavors and tastes, you can choose a Kids Cooking Class, enroll into Young Chef Program, and host a Kids private birthday party or sign up for a Culinary Summer camp.

The whole idea behind founding Impossible Chefs, the name under which The Culinary Lounge run an exclusive cooking club for kids, is to hone their culinary skills. There are two courses – Basic and Advanced, that they run for children. These courses prepare them for a professional culinary path ahead, should they choose to go down that way. In addition to complete hands on baking and cooking sessions, they also include an array of engaging activities and informative sessions.


“We don’t believe in conducting workshops, where the children only do garnishing. At our workshops, the children do everything – right from chopping to cooking to seasoning. “They start with a butter knife, and at the end of a basic workshop, even a 7 year old can cook the entire meal”, says Gopi. And we are even more impressed! After all, taking care of oneself is the biggest life skill we have to equip our kids with!

Do check out the exciting programs at The Culinary Lounge – join their Summer Camp, or enquire for a fun cookout birthday party, or just have your next family get-together with them!

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