Book Review – Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinski

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinski

Maps – Celebrates the world! From enormous mountains to little insects and everything in between, this book features 52 beautifully illustrated maps!

This world atlas is full of details about the nations of the world encapsulated in clear-line cartoons. The book is organized by continent, and each featured nation gets its own spread. This is an excellent non-fiction book in which children can learn about the whole world. Full of colorful and vibrant pictures, each page entails new facts about the countries of the world. This book offers geographical and cultural lessons in the guise of a picture book!

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinski

Less than 50 countries are featured and there are noticeable gaps—the Caribbean is left out entirely, and Jordan and Egypt are the sole representatives of the Middle East. But, nevertheless, the nations that are covered are a delight to explore! The maps in the book are filled with tiny labeled images of cultures, landmarks, wildlife, cuisine, activities, famous citizens and more! Full of color, this book packs intriguing facts presented in a colorful and interesting way. Since the words are all spread around, finding facts is harder, but the layout and the illustrations take your breath away! The intent of this book is to present crazy-quilt impressions of each country’s history and culture rather than systematic geophysical information.

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinski

You can use this book to engage children in geography. This book shows what people like doing around the world, which language do they speak, capital cities and much more. You can play “explorers” and pretend you are on an expedition to find things on the maps. This book can also be a starting point to help kids to learn to read physical maps.  It is at a great level for children who love to hear about interesting nuggets of information and the perfect starting point to provide that vital spark of interest. It’s a wonderful way to look at the world and spark conversation and interest in children. It has to be one of the best ways to teach children about the world…without them even knowing they’re learning.

The size of the book is appealing too. It is large enough to contain within each dual-page spread the many mini-illustrations, and yet just big enough for the little one to handle. Even the texture and weight of the paper is stimulating to the senses!

This is a  fascinating, appealing, interesting and informative book. More than a regular atlas, this book is a visual treat for its readers! Maps easily draws you in and stimulates curiosity and imagination.

We recommend this book for ages  7+!

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinski

Countries featured include:

Europe – Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland
Asia – Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, India, Thailand, Japan, Jordan
Africa – Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, Madagascar
North America – Canada, United States of America, Mexico
South America – Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile
Australia and Oceania – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
the Arctic, Antarctica

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