Championing the Early Years Development at EduChamps

Nadendla Vedashree, the founder and Principal of EduChamps is a woman who has worn many hats. Hailing from a business family, she did her schooling from Hyderabad. After completing her degree in e-banking and finance, she joined in the family business. But she was constantly on the lookout to carve her own niche. The conversations around her made her conscious of the quality of education, especially when you look at it with respect to the blatant hike in the fees. The thought started taking root in her mind, and she has now started her own preschool. She was keen for this age group because she believes that giving them the correct pathway at this stage will create an immense impact on their future development.

Team KidEngage met with her to talk about EduChamps. She spoke at length about her idea for the learning and development in the early childhood years. Read on some excerpts:

What is unique about the way you do things at EduChamps? How is the learning and nurturing here different from any other  preschool?

EduChamps is a group of experienced people who have dealt with children and have understood the behavior of the children. We have created a syllabus that accommodates all children with different behaviors and understanding level. This integrated course  involves a lot of creativity which encourages the children to imagine on their own.

EduChamps is a very unique school where the focus is not just on the child development. Even the parents are involved in the process to give them an overall view of what their child would be learning. This helps in continuing the learning at home in the same way. The parents can not only bond with their child, but it also creates a friendly and encouraging environment for the child.

How do you create this atmosphere of learning?

Children at this age are meant to learn by their own mistakes. The child should go through every stage of life without any restrictions or boundaries to have an overall development. We as adults need to allow children to fall at times, instead of being over-protective. For example, some parents don’t let the baby crawl at the right age, for the fear of catching infections. This will end up in delayed developments in the child which will later show up in his behavior or studies. Keeping that in mind, we give a lot of freedom and flexibility to the children. They don’t just learn in the classrooms, but also through a lot of physical activities and creative thinking.

You seem to have a planned curriculum and multiple amenities at your place. Do you help children nurture their Skills, and more importantly, which skills are in focus?

Educhamps 2

We have a well thought-out curriculum which caters to children who adopt different learning methods and pace. We have concentrated on equally on education and overall developments. The outdoor activities include cycling, playing in the sandpit, swing, slides and indoor activities such as block building, clay and craft activities.

EduChamps focuses on 5 main principles which are taught to children right from the beginning.

  1. Physical and intellectual development: With different outdoor and indoor activities, the child’s physical and mental strength is developed – the child learns through playing.
  2. Creative and individual development: Innovative thinking is important for a child from the beginning. Inculcating good habits and making them independent, confident and efficient for their future development is something we pay close attention to.
  3. Psychosocial and cultural development: We create group games and  involve every child in the group activities. We celebrate every festival to develop their social skills, teaching them the culture and heritage of the country.
  4. Reading and writing development: Reading and writing is developed through visual displays and auditory aids. Every child should learn to read and write with a imaginative thinking which allows them to explore and start writing in a creative way.
  5. Language and communication development: Vocabulary is one of the most important aspect of development. The child learns through rhythms, poems, stories and dramas which enhance his communication skills.

Please tell us something about Edurays. How you are associated with them?

Edurays is a platform that has given the education and training system an enlightenment on how education should be imparted in  different ways so that children are motivated by themselves and aspire their dreams in the future. It is the oldest platform to develop syllabus and material suitable for the teacher and the children to learn and understand.

Edurays has been associated with EduChamps from the beginning and has helped develop the syllabus that defines education in the simplest way to make the child learn and enjoy. The Key (keep, educating, yourself) to your Dream (Dedication, responsibility, education, attitude, motivation) is what they believe every educational institution should follow.

 Goes without saying that the teachers at your school are trained by the best then?

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“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others” said Mustafa Kemal, the founder of modern Turkey. EduChamps believes in this philosophy, and to make sure that we have the best teachers, we have a one-year Edurays designed Certified NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) course. This course focuses on an all rounder knowledge to the teachers to handle the child. It is developed for the teachers to learn not just the syllabus but also other activities like craft, storytelling and lesson planning. It benefits both, the teacher because it makes them think and create new ideas and the student learns wide range of activities which makes them think out of the box.

 As an educator and observer, what will be your advice to the parents of preschoolers?

With everything changing, both parents working and technology developing at high speed, it is time for parents to sit back and think. Spending some quality time will make sure that the children get the affection from day one. Parents should know what their child is doing and have a control that will bring a confidence in the parents that their child is not in danger. When they see their child has a problem, they should attend to it immediately keeping other things aside. This will make the child feel secure.

Having more of physical activities and developing their skills at this age is important. Keeping them away from the gadgets and technology will reduce laziness and the brain will develop by observing their surroundings.

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