Product Review: Fliddle by Infinite Space Toys

Hi, I am Radha, a mother and a preschool educator. I would like to share my views on Fliddle, a game with flash cards. I found the game very interesting when I read on the box that each flash card consists of a riddle about an object.



The Fliddle Game

Fliddle comes in a colourful, sturdy cardboard box with plenty of circular flash cards. Each card consists of 3-4 sentences about a particular picture. Either a player or an adult can ask these questions one by one and the player has to guess the object or creature on the card. Simple enough!

The cards are easy to handle, look attractive because of the shape and are durable as they come laminated with smooth edges.

The rear side of the box gives the instructions of the game  in simple language which is easy to understand. There are 3 methods given on the box and it is up to our creativity to use them in multiple ways.

IMG20180423140529The Usage

The game is for age group beginning 2 years old and can be played by any age group.  It is a fun activity during the circle time in schools. It can be played as a birthday party game or any other kids’ gathering. We had a fun time using it for a classroom activity, and it did have enthusiastic response from the children.

The Experience

Fliddle enhances communication skills among the children, fosters reading skills and improves memory. It also works very well to bring out a shy child out of her shell.

The appearance, usage and durability of the product is quite satisfactory. I would recommend this game for the little ones and their parents. The teachers can also use it as a tool for an interactive activity. This product gets my thumbs up!

“Product in Focus” is an initiative by Team KidEngage where an actual buyer and user of products reviews them for the benefit of the parenting community.


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