Book Review – Let’s Do This Together

Let's Do This Together

Are your children afraid of Math? Do they Love Math? Do They Hate Math? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then Let’s Do This Together by Lubaina Bandukwala and Vineeta Kanoria is for you!

Math is everywhere

Numbers are everywhere and a very essential practical skill. But many children are turned off by math at school because the materials are incredibly dry and boring or are taught in a very tedious and interesting manner. How then can you make children love math? This book addresses that problem by appreciating Math as a fun and real-world thing! It shows that Math is part of things that children already love to do.

Tell a Math Story!

This book focuses on playful math lessons through stories that rely on adult and child conversation. And the experts say it is a proven method for increasing a child’s reasoning skills. What better way could there be to do math than snuggled up on a couch with your little one, or side by side at the sink while your middle-school student helps you wash the dishes, or passing the time on a car ride into town?

The stories in Let’s Do This Together are organized into 3 sections: Easy Peasy, Mostly Easy and Not That Easy. Each section has 15-18 story problems. The stories start with simple numbers so the children immediately feel confident and are open to more.

Let's Do This Together1

The Math stories in this book are meant to be fun and can be read by or read out to children as young as 4! But since there’s no such thing as not being ready for math, you can read it out to younger kids and try and solve the stories together. The stories get harder as you move ahead. But you will be surprised at how children can come up with ideas to solve a problem.

The stories in the book can be used to get children to put problems into words and try and think solutions out loud. This way you can model mathematical problem solving and guide children towards the right answer.

Let's Do This Together

As I used the book with my children, I noticed that they started making up their own math problems with mundane events and things! They now love Math!

We recommend Let’s Do This Together To:

  1. Make Math Fun
  2. Make mental math a routine
  3. Model reasoning and problem-solving skills
  4. Foster family bonding.

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