Little One Bored at Home? Try these Boredom Hacks!

Staying indoors is more a compulsion in scorching sun than an option. And you definitely do not want your toddler bored or spending time in front of the screens. So, what do you do to keep your little munchkin engaged constructively? Involving your child in crafts, playtime, and daily chores like setting the table, watering the plants, keeping the toys in place is also done? Here are a few simple, easy to make, inexpensive, yet exciting boredom hacks that your little one will love you for. And best part is, the kids are actually learning while it seems like a play.


1. Popsicle Sticks Puzzle

Take a picture of your little one or a family picture and paste popsicle sticks horizontally on the back side. Now cut the sticks  individually. You can also draw simple objects with the help of clay moulds and paint it on Popsicle sticks. Now jumble it up and watch as your toddler put it in sequence. You can also number the sticks if you want it to be easier for your child.


2. Footprint Followers

Draw your child’s footprint on a paper and make copies. Cut them through their outline. Now, on a long sheet of paper or old mat, paste the footprints in different directions. Let your child follow and jump or walk on the footprints in the direction it is sequenced. The little monkeys are surely going to love jumping through this one!


3. Odd Man Out

This is a simple yet engaging activity that kids will love. Make cards out of white card stocks. Draw or stick 4 similar objects in any order and one different object on the cards. Ask your kid to identify the odd one. You can use shining and glittery stickers too, like stars and moon, leaf and flowers, square and circles, etc. to make it more attractive.


4. Alphabet Hopscotch

Though this activity is fun outdoors, you can even try it at an open space in the house. Write alphabets downwards to upwards and scatter a few extra alphabets along. Let your kid walk the path in sequential order. Starting from A, the little munchkin will walk down to B and then C and so on. It will help kids learn alphabets while they feel proud winning the game.


5. Jumping Lights

Cut basic shapes of colorful paper and paste them on the floor in random order. Now take a torch or you can use your phone’s torch light too. In any order, smear light on different shapes one by one, and let your kid jump on the shape highlighted with torch light. Further, you may ask the little one for the name of the shape and offer some extra points or rewards to make it exciting.

So, which one are you trying with your toddler from the list? Or is there any other exciting activity that your toddler loves, do share some ideas.

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