Love Football? 14 Best Football Academies in Hyderabad

Health benefits of sports are no secret. The joy of playing a sport is alike in kids and adults. Sports lovers in India follow Cricket and Football with great excitement. With FIFA fever swelling up, it is the right time to kick off the interest in this 11 player game. It will surely give immense pleasure to play breathlessly, uniting as a team to compete with the others. The hunger to win with maximum goals is a pleasure indeed. With increasing facilities, coaches and training, kids are more exposed to Football at these Football Academies in Hyderabad that boasts of its state of the art infrastructure and experienced trainers for best coaching.


1. Hyderabad Football Academy

Hyderabad Football Academy, the official grassroots partner of Kerala Blasters, is Hyderabad’s first professional football academy for all age groups. They offer specialized training, International standard drills, skill assessment and analysis.

2. G.R Football Academy

The academy aims to mould the young, passionate and talented children to be the Stars of Indian Football .

3. Sports Coaching Foundation

SCF provides comprehensive training to children (aged between 6 and 16 years). This includes theory and practical sessions, headed towards all-round personality development. Trainees are formed into three groups based on age and experience. Qualified professional coaches train the students.


4. Petra Sports Academy

Petra Sports Academy designs its kids and youth sports programs with academic and International standards that will develop young people into Elite players in the sporting world.

5. BSporty

Train in your favorite sport at B Sporty Training & Coaching Grounds with good infrastructure and involved coaches who promise to give you a fulfilling sports experience. Now follow your passion step into the ground to experience your favorite sports like Cricket, Football, Beach Volleyball and Throwball.

6. Little Star Soccer Academy

The Academy’s scientific coaching, covering all aspects of training, makes it popular among students who aim to be a rising star in Football. Training also lay focus on jogging and fitness exercises, followed by Skill Development Practice.

7. Hotfut Hyderabad

This sports arenas provide the best playing conditions for all football aficionados. HotFut Football Academy trains young footballers and adults under the guidance of the best coaches and trainers in the industry today; making sure the future of football in India is bright.

8. Turfside

They provide the best in class turf fields in Hyderabad. Turfside is Hyderabad’s first and largest five a side football field with a state of the art infrastructure & international quality artificial turf standards. It is an open space in the heart of the city. Coaching is offered at the ground by Hyderabad Football Academy for your kids & adults.

9. Top Strike

Not only does football provide great health benefits, both mental and physical, it also promotes camaraderie, teamwork, discipline, and work ethic that will help shape our children into well-rounded adults. They can learn it all at one of the finest turf field to learn football.

10. Sports Village

They offer coaching based on the evaluation and football and educational counseling by Mr. Albert Vienas. Players and coaches are encouraged to participate in a scientifically designed professional football training program.

11. Skykings Football Academy

Players run full-tilt at each other, colliding in tackles that resonate through the stadium and across the radio waves. They offer trained coaches to bring the best in your child.


12. Reeds Football Academy

Reeds Football Academy is a football development initiative by Quartz SC aimed at the identification and development of football at grass root level. They offer best coaching with experienced faculty.

13. Kick Off Academy

Playing Football, like any other sport , provides many health benefits to children. It is a physically demanding game that provides an opportunity for players to improve their speed and strength. Join the Kick Off Academy for best coaching in Football.

14. Ramanthapur Football Club

This Football Club offers quality football coaching where they can learn the basics of the sports and then move to higher level. A varied training programme ensures that children of all ages are trained to maximize their potential in order to reach another level in the field of professional football.

See a complete list of sports coaching classes in Hyderabad.  Do write your review once you select a coaching academy.

Enjoy the football mania!!

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