Get the ball rolling!! 10 Football Academies in Pune!

Football Academies in Pune

Football Fever!!

FIFA has brought in the football fever!! Everyone is excited about the game and social media is abuzz with updates about the games and players!

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. Football is very demanding physically and mentally and helps to improve aerobic flexibility, cardiovascular health, and stamina. The game teaches children about team play and agility.

Make this football season fun for the little fans

Discuss the sport, the countries playing, the history of the game, past winners, star footballers down the years, the opening ceremonies, and even watch the games together! Tell them about Zabivaka, the official mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Zabivaka means “the one who scores” in Russian. It indeed is a very suitable name for this wolf who radiates fun, charm and confidence.

You can even read them this book about the History of the Football World Cup!

Best Football Academies in Pune

Pune has a good number of schools/academies that teach children to play football. With plenty of local as well as international football clubs, these academies help budding football enthusiasts learn techniques and tricks of the game and have fun while learning!

If you have an aspiring little footballer, check out the list of best football training academies in Pune.

Legends United Football Academy India

Legends United Football Academy is the best soccer training academy in Pune that has a football club which gives good exposure to all the academy players. They have a good mentoring system, a career-oriented path for players, different coaches for each age group and also well-defined player development Program. The academy and club is registered and affiliated to Pune District Football Association (PDFA).

Pune United Football Academy

Pune United Football Academy (P.U.F.A) is dedicated to the development of young footballers. They ensure that all sessions conducted are of the highest quality in accordance with The FA. (Football Association of England) and the development of every child attending our training programme. They provide students with the platform to be taught all the fundamental aspects of the game without detracting from the fun and enjoyment of the programme.

Pune FC

Pune FC Soccer Schools’s goal is to spread the love and passion for the ‘Beautiful Game’. Beginning from the age of 5 till the age of 14, their specially designed programmes for children nurture their love for football while equipping every player with the skills and qualities needed to excel on the pitch and off it. Their mission is to reach out to kids at a young age so that they are able to build a solid technical foundation through a comprehensive football education.

Deccan Rovers FC

Established in 1985, Deccan Rovers FC is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Pune. 1500+ players have represented it over the past 30 years. At the youth level, Deccan Rovers FC has a very strong grassroots program to nurture upcoming talent in the age group of 3 to 15. By providing a professional environment, qualified educators, and effective training programs, Deccan Rovers provide exciting opportunities to young footballers to build a successful career in the sport.

 Kenzo’s Football Academy

Kenzo’s Football Academy is aiming to create a talent pool of budding footballers that can soon shift the monopoly from Cricket to Football. Experienced football coaches provide age appropriate football coaching on international level floodlit playing turf.

Daksh Football Academy

Daksh Football Academy (DFA), a PDFA registered Club offering football coaching in Pune. Experienced coaches instill a spirit of sportsmanship with qualities like Discipline, Fitness and a positive attitude in the students.

GreenBox Football Academy

GreenBox has a strong focus on grassroots access and opportunities to be part of the game that is for everyone. Their aim in developing this strategy and its programs is for mini-football to be a force for positive social change in the community. As a result, mini-football will be richer for being a sport of choice for Indians and will leave a legacy as a sport that helps unify and connect the entire country.

SportsLife Football School

Sportslife Football School is a Football Coaching Centre for Kids, youth, and corporate. Professional coaches provide the coaching on natural grass football ground.

Invictus Sports Academy

Invictus Sports Academy was established in 2017 with an aim to create a Football Academy which is attractive to players, parents, and coaches. The academy enables the all-round development of every young player. It includes the social, academic and technical aspects of personal development.

Phoenix Sports Club

Phoenix Sports Club believes that  Football is one of the most honest games besides being extremely true to life. The academy has qualified trainers who coach students. They are registered and affiliated to the Pune District Football Association. Their aim is to grow the quality of sportsmanship and help children learn excellent football skills.

You can check out the complete list of football coaching classes.  Do write your review once you select a coaching academy.

Enjoy the football madness!

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