Kick it high!!! 7 Football Academies in Chennai

Football Academies in Chennai

Football Fever!!

FIFA has brought in the football fever!! Everyone is excited about the game and social media is abuzz with updates about the games and players!

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. Football is very demanding physically and mentally and helps to improve aerobic flexibility, cardiovascular health, and stamina. The game teaches children about team play and agility.

Make this football season fun for the little fans

Discuss the sport, the countries playing, the history of the game, past winners, star footballers down the years, the opening ceremonies, and even watch the games together! Tell them about Zabivaka, the official mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Zabivaka means “the one who scores” in Russian, a very suitable name for this wolf who radiates fun, charm and confidence.

You can even read them this book about the History of the Football World Cup!

Best Football Academies in Chennai

Chennai has a good number of schools/academies that teach children to play football. With plenty of local as well as international football clubs, these academies help budding football enthusiasts learn techniques and tricks of the game and have fun while learning!

If you have an aspiring little footballer, check out the list of best football training academies in Chennai.

FC Madras Football Academy (Earlier known as Mahogany Football Club)

FC Madras is a professional football club and training academy based out of Chennai. Started in 2006 as Mahogany Football Club, FC Madras was one of the first academies in the city to provide across Chennai. The founders Arindam Biswas and Joseph’s mission is to take football from being just a hobby for kids to a competitive sport similar to the way it’s seen across the world.

Tiki Taka  

Tiki Taka is a collective of rooftop football & futsal facilities in Chennai. Their venues have the world-class turf and have become state of the art facilities with world class amenities. The Academy handles football coaching for youngsters aged 5-16 and covers everything from the fundamentals as well as techniques and skills for the professionals.

Shine Sports Promotion Academy

Shine sports academy provides you unprecedented sporting facilities for athletics, football, basketball, swimming, badminton and other games. For youngsters, individual and corporates, the opportunity to learn, play, improve and excel in sports

Raman Vijayan Soccer School

Raman Vijayan Soccer School is a dedicated soccer academy by Raman Vijayan, a footballer of national repute and a former Indian National team striker. He is a coach with AFC A license and Assistant Coach of Delhi Dynamos in the ISL Club. They train the younger generation of footballers on technical aspects of the game but also use the game to develop personality, character and team building skills.

Great Goals

Great Goals runs basketball,  football and multi-sport programs that teach game skills, team playing and sportsmanship to over 350 children. The program aims to bring together best practices in sport and education to build a program that is high-quality, fun, safe and professionally run.

Game On

Game on is the best place to play a game of FutSal or Terrace football in a FIFA 5 approved football field. They are affiliated to WICF, AMF, Futsal India Leagues. The soft green turf is a great environment for a high profile game.

DASS Football Academy

Mr.K.Kalidasan, a prominent sports figure in Tamil Nadu’s Football community started DASS Football Academy (DFA). The aim of this academy is to create and build interest in football game among school going children. It is a very good platform for aspiring school children in the field of football to increase their opportunity to learn & play football with a greater degree of sporting professional attitude at various levels (Intra-School, Inter-School, District, State, National, and International).

You can also see a complete list of football coaching classes.  Do write your review once you select a coaching academy.

Enjoy the football frenzy!


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