KidEngage Reads: The Mysterious Lovables by Katie Bagli

Children love animals, and animals love children. And if you look from their eyes, all you see is a playmate, ready to hop and jump with them. The concept of an animal being scary, or ugly or to-be-held-at-an-arm’s-distance is totally alien to the children. And so, it makes sense to introduce them to this fascinating world in the formative years. This would ensure a bond that will last for a lifetime! And this is exactly what Katie Bagli’s  Amazing Animal Tales does in the most recent book in the series – ‘The Mysterious Lovables’.


The Mysterious Lovables

Author & Illustrator – Katie Bagli

This collection of short stories takes you to worlds unknown – monsoon treks in the Western Ghats, the mountains of Ladakh  or the untouched, serene lakes in Manipur. Each story introduces you to a mysterious animal – Black Panther, King Cobra, Stargazer Fish, Giant Squids, and many, many more. The stories beautifully bring out the relationship between man and nature, and gently provoke you to think about where we belong in the nature. The nuggets of information about the animal in the story just after it ends is a great thought, and a precious value addition. There are also some questions to think about at the end of the book.

Mysterious Lovables 2

Katie Bagli is an enthusiastic nature lover, and a brilliant story teller. Her passion for the animals and nature shines through her stories. You are left in no doubt why she insists on calling mysterious animals like wrinkle-faced bats or the slow loris lovables. Because the protagonists in the stories are all children (and a mysterious animal), they will all definitely find a connect with the children reading them. The stories have been illustrated by Katie herself, and lend a charming touch to the book.

This book is the fourth one in the Amazing Animal Tales – after The Less Liked Lovables, The Less Known Lovables and The Glamorous Lovables. Best suited for children aged 10 and above, we would definitely recommend this entire series to educate children about our rightful place on the Earth, and to bring them closer to nature. Take our word – the books are as lovable as the animals in the stories!

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