Secrets to a perfect Family Photo Shoot! Top 3 Kids photographers share their expert tips

Family Photo

Having kids is one of the many life-changing experiences in a person’s life, and for many new parents, it also triggers the photo clicking instinct where you want to capture your baby’s every moment. But then you have these photographers who take awesome and creative photos of kids that you actually wouldn’t mind to look at, over and over again.

A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a ‘safe holding space for kids’ where they are safe and protected. An image that will be cherished for ages.

Family photos are usually taken in a natural setting, some photographers use a  “props and scenery” set up to create funny and endearing situations, but they are all very creative, inspiring and hold a place of pride in our homes. The festive season is also a great opportunity to have your family photos clicked. What is the secret to a perfect family photo shoot? Spilling the beans are Top 3 Kids Photographers of Hyderabad! If you are planning on having a family photo shoot then these expert tips will be just right for you!


Gautami Reddy Photography

Gautami [3739]



A native of Hyderabad, Gautami Reddy followed the path heavily tread and found herself as an engineer, an entrepreneur and firmly ensconced in the IT sector. Fast forward a couple of years and a chubby cheeked baby later she decided that the moments she missed out on capturing her son’s infancy on film, would not happen for other young moms and dads if she could help it! And Gautami Reddy Photography was born. After about 200 photo shoots, she is now one of the most sought-after baby photographers in the city.



Top 3 tips:

  1. The biggest memories you will be leaving for your baby are the pictures with the parents. Moms, especially, shy away or postpone pictures due to the baby weight or dark circles. What we as moms see in pictures is so totally different from what our kids see us as, so dive in and just have pure fun with your child!2 [3741]
  2. Design the session according to the age of the child and their interest rather than follow styles trending online. Milestone-specific sessions help in making the child comfortable and they give their best smiles naturally. Do detailed consults about clothing, colors etc to make sure everything is in sync with special emphasis given to the baby/child’s comfort.4 [3743]
  3. Set aside a bonding time with the baby/child. We use our specially set-up cozy corner to help them settle in. Outdoor sessions for the older and more active kids do wonders because they feel more at ease in the open spaces allowing the photographer to capture their personality. 3 [3742]

All in all have a Playful, Engaging & Unforgettable experience!

2. Preksha Clicks


Preksha is originally a MBA, has had leading roles in area of Brand Management and Marketing for companies like Unilever and GE. Photography was always her favourite hobby since the Manual SLR days, finishing up rolls in a jiffy. Post marriage, her husband who is also her greatest patron motivated her to pursue photography professionally and gifted her first DSLR. Since then there has been no looking back for her.






Top 3 tips :

  1. Pre-Planning helps a lot. A detailed discussion with your photographer on clothing, props, location etc a few days before the shoot is must.  Preksha Photography baby chef[16077]
  1. What makes your kid happy? I always ask this question to the parents and try to design the shoot around that. For example: A lot of kids love to play with kitchen items, so I recommend chef theme for them. We get all laughing and happy pics. Some kids love balls so I may use balls either as a prop or to lift up their mood when they get cranky. Kids usually don’t like to stay still & pose for family pics PrekshaClicks (1)So try fun things like daddy carrying the kid on shoulder, or tickling the kid, or just doing peek a boo from behind the tree.
  2. Be ready for surprises: In case on the day of shoot, if your kid behaves totally differently than usual, just be patient and try to work around his/her mood, rather than trying to force your pre-planned ideas. If the kid is sleepy, don’t try to force him/her to be awake. 10152566_931338943588012_3136501260590030834_n

Rather think of taking some sleeping shots or else just let him/her sleep so you can get happy shots once he/she wakes up.

3. Arotography


Ricken Desai is an entrepreneur, ran a successful apparel business and has had his Masters from one of the top universities in London. However, as most of the clichés go, photography was his true calling and he is now the most sought-after photographer in town.





Top 3 tips:

1. Plan. Plan well in advance with your photographer about the shoot. What outcome you desire, location, etc.

Mayuka ED-74[1574]

2. Timing. Try to maintain the timing given by your photographer. Many times shoots are planned based on natural light and turning up late might just ruin the shoot.AvyaanStudioVisit-26[1573]

3. Clothing. Proper clothing actually enhances the picture. Consult with your photographer before the shoot to carry the right clothing. Also if kids and infants are involved then please carry extra clothes.  Most importantly HAVE FUN. The shoot will be a memory captured for life. Relax, ease those muscles and have fun!D+P_ED-3[1571]

All photographs published here are actual works shared from the photographers’ family photo shoots.


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