Head outdoors – 4 Adventure Activities Organizers in Delhi-NCR

Adventure Activities Organisers in Delhi NCR

Break away from the gadget-driven world

Weather seems just perfect to get your shoes on and head straight into the lap of Nature. If you are tired of hectic work and wish to head outdoors, these adventure activities organizers provide you with exotic camping sites and entertaining activities to appreciate Nature and environment around you.  Break away from the gadget-driven world and enjoy the calm and serene greens under the sky. Here are 4 Outdoor and adventure activities Organizers in Delhi NCR.

Best Outdoor Camp Organizers in Delhi NCR

1. E-O-D Adventure Park 

Spread over 10 acres of lush greenery in the heart of Delhi, E-O-D Adventure park is the perfect family destination for a day outing filled with adventure and entertainment for all age groups.

2. DU Adventure Club 

DU Adventure club is known for organizing amazing trips at the most serene places in the country. A well-organized trip that will leave you with a wonderful experience. Travel and explore more places and make more friends.

3. GIO Adventures 

GIO Adventures’ network of Outdoors Lodges & Camps in the Himalayas supports their Outdoors Trips and Activities like white water rafting, trekking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Slithering, Jeep Safaris and Camping among others. These camps have over the years seen people from all walks of life and ages. The camps also provide direct and indirect occupation to over 200 local people. GIO Adventures caters to a wide range of clients apart from the hardcore outdoor enthusiast – Corporate, Schools, Families and the Compulsive Lone Traveler.

4. White Magic Adventure 

White Magic is a mountain guiding company delivering meticulously planned, carefully curated and safely executed adventure trips to various corners of the Himalaya and to a few of the 7 Summits (outside the Indian sub-continent). They manage end to end execution, including trip design, putting together equipment, logistic support, all done in-house, thus ensuring the highest performance and safety standards and consistent client experience that they are known for.

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