Stroll through History – Best Museums in Pune

Museums in Pune

We used to build temples, and museums are about as close as secular society dares to go in facing up to the idea that a good building can change your life.
– Alain De Botton

Best Museums in Pune

  1. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

    Raja Dinakar Kelkar Museum - Pune

    This museum displays an impressive assortment of more than 20,000 priceless artifacts and is based on the collection put together by the late Dr. D G Kelkar. The museum is home to various antiques like writing implements, kitchen utensils, wooden objects and musical instruments. Every item is a reminder of craftsmanship and art that went behind making simple utility objects.

  2. Tribal Research Institute Museum

    Pune Museums - Tribal Research Training InstituteThe spacious Tribal Research Training Institute and Museum showcases tribal arts such as ornaments, musical instruments, masks, etc. Visit us to learn more about how tribal life is.

  3. Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway

    Pune Museums - Joshis Museum of Miniature RailwayJoshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway is a miniature railway museum located in the Karve Road locality of Pune, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. The museum hosts working models of various types of trains.

  4. Blades of Glory Cricket Museum

    Pune Museums - Blades Glory of Cricket

    Blades of Glory displays rarest of rare of cricket memorabilia. The artifacts include personally autographed cricket-related items by the who’s who of the gentleman’s game. One of the most significant parts of the museum is the room dedicated to batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar. It features most of the cricketing accessories Tendulkar has used over his long international career and 100 miniature bats dedicated to his ton of tons, each one of which bearing details of his 100 centuries in international cricket.

  5. Maratha History Museum

    Pune Museums - Maratha History Museum
    The Maratha History Museum-cum-Archives of the Deccan College contains important historical records of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Museum is the legacy of the late Rao Bahadur Parasnis of Satara, deeply interested in Maratha history, he collected varied historical materials from different parts of Maharashtra and other regions of India and some foreign countries.

  6. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History

    Pune Museums - Chattrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Museum
    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History is a private historical museum constructed by Francois Gautier. The museum complex right now has nine buildings, each housing a unique exhibition. A few of them are on Aurangzeb, based on his own firmans, on Maharana Pratap, the only Rajput who actually fought the Mughals and won in Haldighati. The museum complex also has a temple dedicated to Bhavani Bharat. It is one of the only two temples in India dedicated to Mother India.

  7. Keshav Rao Narayan Rao Jagtap Fire Brigade Museum

    Pune Museums - Keshav Rao Narayan Rao Jagtap Fire Brigade Museum

    Keshavrao Narayanrao Jagtap Fire Brigade Museum is a one of its kind fire and rescue museum and contains a carefully curated collection of the Rolls-Royce Vintage Dennis fire brigade. It has around 100 antique fire equipment that were used in various rescue operations, and a hall which will be used for staff training and film shows regarding the functioning of the fire brigade.

  8. Farids Camera Museum & Acadamy

    Pune Museums - Farids Camera MuseumWith Asia’s largest collection of cameras, Mr. Shaikh and his passion for cameras is a treat for photography lovers. Passion is too incapable a word to explain what camera means to him.
    Life minus camera is equal to nothing, for this camera lover, who over the years has gathered over 2000 cameras from across the globe.

  9. Subhash Sanas Vintage Car Museum

    Pune Museums - Subhash Sanas Vintage Car Museum

    Subhash Sanas Vintage Car Museum is a Vintage & Classic Car Museum. They conduct Vintage car Beauties exhibitions as well.

  10. Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

Pune Museums - Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

This museum displays a collection of almost 150 vintage bicycles, tricycles and pedal cars collected over the last hundred years. It has a wide range of various spare parts and accessories of bicycles such as gears, seats, dynamos, air pumps, lamps and many more.

Don’t miss these:

Mahatma Phule Museum – Has a rich compilation are items related to arms and armory, forestry, geology, natural history, textiles, etc. Amongst the other attractions of Mahatma Phule Museum of Pune, you can count brassware, stone carvings, marble statues and oil paintings.
Lokamanya Tilak Museum – Situated in Narayan Peth on the second floor of Kesari Wada is one of the most important museums in the city of Pune. Dedicated to Lokmanya Tilak, the museum houses the pictures, paintings, letters written by and to him and his personal belongings like clothes, nutcrackers, footwear, the wall clock and library.

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