Send a hug to your friend with this easy DIY!

DIY Hug for a Friend

Send a Hug to your friend this Friendship Day

Got a friend who lives in another city or country? Unable to meet your friend this friendship day?

Don’t be disappointed! Make this adorable Hug Card and send out a virtual hug to your friends!  Show your friends how much you mean to them!


  1. Card Paper
  2. Markers
  3. A strip of ribbon or a sheet of colored paper
  4. Glue

DIY Hug for a Friend

Steps to DIY:

Fold a card paper in half.

DIY Hug for a Friend

Trace out your palm on a card paper. You can use colored card stock or simply color them in colors of your choice

DIY Hug for a Friend

Cut out the Palm that you just traced.

DIY Hug for a Friend

Glue the ends of the ribbon (or a thin strip of paper) to the palms to look like they are connected. One ribbon end to one palm and the other end of the same ribbon to another palm.

DIY Hug for a Friend

Your HUG is ready. You can make the ribbon longer or shorter as needed. Write in your message, put it in an envelope, and send it to your friend! She/He will love it, and give you the biggest hug ever in return!

Some interesting variations to try:

You can also glue the Hug onto another card paper and make it a 3D Card!


Draw a human figure on a card paper that is folded in half. In this case, make sure the ribbon is long enough to resemble arms and hugging hands. Glue only where it overlaps the body and leave the ends loose. You can add googly eyes to the face on the figure or even try it with a photo of yours!

DIY Hug for a Friend

Got any more Friendship DIY Ideas? Do let us know. And while you are here, do check out the list of children’s books about friendship. Also, check out another fun friendship day DIY. So how are you celebrating Friendship day?

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