Rock On! Books About Rocks!!

One of the best ways to connect with nature and get nature close to you is through rocks! Whenever we take a walk to the park or the beach, many kids (and adults) like to collect some pretty looking rocks. In fact, Rock collecting can be an engaging and beneficial hobby for children.

Do you children love rocks too? Here are some children’s books about Rocks that can get them interested if they are not already!

6 Children’s Picture Books About Rocks

Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor

Everybody needs a rock

Everybody needs a rock — at least that’s the way this particular rock hound feels about it in presenting her own highly individualistic rules for finding just the right rock for you. The art work is gorgeous and Ms. Baylor’s poems are stunningly simple and, for me, uplifting. This book will take you to the outdoors, even if only to one’s own yard, to teach us to see just a little differently. And to learn That ‘value’ is an often misunderstood word.A poetic ode to the magic of finding a special rock and carrying it in our pocket – I hope every child gets to do this!

If You Find a Rock by Peggy Christian

If you find a rock

Think of all the rocks there are: skipping rocks, splashing rocks, climbing rocks, and wishing rocks. Children can’t help collecting them. With joyful, poetic text and luminous photographs, If You Find a Rock celebrates rocks everywhere—as well as the mysterious and wonderful places they are found.This book, ostensibly for children, could engage anyone. It could occupy a place on a coffee table, as the photos have a dreamy hand tinted look that is timeless and soothing, and the gentle poetry of the words is simple yet pleasing. Who among us has not found mysterious and beautiful, unusual or commonplace rocks to handle and examine, contemplating their origin and possible meaning? Like a pleasing pebble, found and admired, this book is a treasure.

If Rocks Could Sing: A Discovered Alphabet by Leslie McGuirk

If Rocks could Sing

Amazing rocks, found on a stretch of beach near the author’s home, comprise this unique alphabet book. A is for Addition, and there are rocks in the shape of real numbers, too. B is for Bird, and there is a bird rock on a nest with an egg. G is for Ghosts, and there is a host of rocks that look like ghosts! Children and adults alike will pore over these fascinating rocks, and will be inspired collect their own.

A Rock Can Be . . . (Millbrook Picture Books) by Laura Purdie Salas (Author), Violeta Dabija (Illustrator)

A rock can be

Describes the different objects that can be made out of rock, including stepping stones, water fountains, dinosaur fossils, volcanoes, and grains of sand. ‘A rock is a rock, ‘ but it can be so much more. A series of short rhyming couplets and digitally collaged illustrations celebrates the idea of rocks. Following the pattern of earlier titles on leaves and water, Salas and Dabija explore the many natural forms in which rock can be found–from the crust of the Earth to the moon’s surface, from sand dunes and molten lava to cliffs filled with birds and fossilized bones–and demonstrate many of its uses. There’s the play of skipping stones, the art of gargoyles, the utility of a bridge or breakwater, and the practicality of sparking fires and propping up books in a case. The author’s two-word images (‘Food grinder / Path winder’) are each set on a single page and clearly illustrated in spreads that connect ideas that are sometimes quite disparate through color echoes and occasional repeated details. There is a hint of seasonal organization, and the book ends with the harvest and wintry snow.

Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran


From two-time Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator Barbara Cooney and celebrated children’s book author Alice McLerran comes Roxaboxen, a treasured story about the magic of a child’s imagination. Marian called it Roxboxen. There across the road, it looked like any rocky hill—nothing but sand and rocks, and some old wooden boxes. But it was a special place. And all children needed to go there was a long stick and a soaring imagination.The children in this story find endless imaginative uses for what most people would call trash – and the story is told in such a way as to excite children to use their imaginations with the things they find lying around.

Gitti’s Story-Earth by Shubhangi Goel, Sankhalina Nath, Rajasee Ray, Anushka Kalro

Gitti the rock is very old. After a long, long journey that started from the boiling hot centre of the earth, he now sits quietly on a mountain, watching the sun rise and set. What is his story? This book is one of the five books in the series, First Look Science, that was visualised by design students in a classroom project with Srishti, Bengaluru. The series is supported by Wipro as part of its Wipro Applying Thought in school initiative.

5 Nonfiction Books about Rocks and Minerals

Explore Rocks and Minerals!: 25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiments by Cynthia Light Brown and Nick Brown

Explore Rocks and Minerals

Explore Rocks and Minerals! offers kids ages 6–9 a fascinating introduction to geology. It investigates the geological forces that create and transform rocks, outlining the life cycle of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, and what they can tell us about the earth. It also explores fossils, and how they come to exist and are discovered. Explore Rocks and Minerals! includes 20 hands-on activities to bring learning to life. Kids create their own crystals, sculpt edible models of the planet, and bake volcanic meringue cookies. These easy-to- follow activities require minimal adult supervision and use common household products. By combining an interactive component with jokes, fun facts, and cartoons, Explore Rocks and Minerals! provides a fun, accessible introduction to geology.

National Geographic Kids Everything Rocks and Minerals by Steve Tomecek

Everything Rocks and Minerals

Targeted to rock-crazy kids, this bold book is more energetic, more visually exciting, and more fun than anything else on the market―and with more information, too!  Youngsters become geology experts as they browse eye-popping photos and absorb layers of information made extra fun through a humour-infused presentation.

Geology Rocks!: 50 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Earth by Cindy Blobaum

Geology Rocks

Explains the formation and history of the earth as well as presents fifty hands-on activities to introduce the science of geology, allowing readers to observe the effects of water, erosion, acid rain, volcanoes, and earthquakes on models they create. Original.

Let’s Go Rock Collecting by Roma Gans

lets go rock collecting

Holly Keller has created vivacious new paintings for this favorite Reading Rainbow title about geology. Readers follow two enthusiastic rock hounds around the globe as they add to their collection. Along the way they will learn how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. From the Egyptian pyramids to Roman roads, from the diamond ring on your finger to the pebbles under your feet’rocks are everywhere!

A Rock is Lively by Dianna Hutts Aston (Author) and Sylvia Long (Illustrator)

A Rock is lively

From the creators of the award-winning An Egg Is QuietA Seed Is SleepyA Butterfly Is Patient, and A Nest Is Noisy comes this gorgeous and informative introduction to the fascinating world of rocks. From dazzling blue Lapis Lazuli to volcanic Snowflake Obsidian, an incredible variety of rocks are showcased in all their splendor. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, this book introduces an array of facts, making it equally perfect for classroom sharing and family reading.

Check out more books about Rocks or Paint a Rock with your kids!

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