8 online sites to buy eco-friendly Ganesha Idols

Buy eco friendly Ganesha online

There are many non-polluting and eco-friendly Ganesha idols available online, on street sides and in stores. While the beauty of a simple earthen idol is unmatched, there are idols that use safe colors and others that contain seeds that will grow into plants or become food for birds and fish.

Choosing an eco-friendly idol is the safe, responsible choice so that your celebrations do not pollute the soil and water of the earth.

Where to buy eco-friendly Ganesha Idols

Here are some places to buy an eco-friendly idol this festive season:

  1. My Samskruti
  2. Ecoexist
  3. Tree Ganesha 
  4. Green Practices
  5. Eco Shree Ganesh Arts
  6. Eco Ganapathi
  7. Sprouts Environment Trust
  8. O my Ganesha

Don’t want to buy? Make them yourself with these DIY ideas for an eco-friendly Ganesha!


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