How to celebrate an Eco-friendly Ganesha Chathurthi

Go green this Ganesha Chathurthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The 10-day long celebration includes decorating Ganesha idols at home, making and enjoying mouth-watering delicacies, music, lights, and finally, the immersion of the idol on the last day. But amidst the celebrations, we don’t realize how the things we do as part of the festivities are harming our environment. This year, let us get eco-conscious! Here are some simple ways in which you can celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly way.

celebrate an eco friendly ganesha chathurthi

7 ways to an eco-friendly Ganesha Chathurthi celebration

  1. Eco-friendly idols – Do not buy idols made or POP (Plaster of Paris) or those that are painted with chemicals. Buy unpainted clay idols or make them at home yourself using easily available eco-friendly materials.
  2. Smaller Idols – Keep the idols small and simple. That way, you can immerse at home in a bucket and use that water for plants!
  3. Natural Materials for decorations – Use natural materials like flowers and leaves, cloth, wood or paper for decoration instead of plastics. You could also use natural colors (biodegradable colours such as turmeric, henna, rice powder, colored dal) to make rangoli.
  4. Green Immersion – Immerse your idols at artificial ponds in your area or have a symbolic immersion at home in a bucket instead of lakes and rivers!
  5. Reduce noise and light pollution – Keep lighting simple and save energy. Also, keep the noise down – both music as well as crackers!
  6. Trash and Plastic – Avoid plastic in any form (disposable cups, plates etc) and make sure you segregate the waste after the celebration. Do not dispose of the waste into any water body!
  7. Minimize public pandals – Limit to one big pandal in the area.  More pandals mean more noise, garbage, and waste of water and electricity.

How are you making your celebration environment-friendly? Check out places to buy eco-friendly idols, or make your own!


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