Navaratri DIY – Make your own Kid-friendly Dandiya sticks

DIY Child Friendly Dandiya Sticks

Nothing can beat that special thrill when children can make dandiya sticks at home and carry those to the community Raas Garba during Navaratri! But we all know how kids suddenly forget the dancing and start fighting – with the sticks!!  Here are some ideas to make child-friendly Dandiya sticks!

4 DIY Ideas for a Child-Friendly Dandiya Stick

Newspaper Dandiya stick

Upcycle those newspapers into these lovely dandiya sticks! So easy!

Bamboo Skewers Dandiya Stick

What an ingenious idea!! Reach out to your kitchen shelves and get those skewers out!

Cloth-stuffed Dandiya Stick

Now even the babies can romp around with these Dandiya sticks!

Packing Foam Dandiya Sticks

A easy way to upcycle foam into kid friendly sticks by ItsABusyLife!

DIY Kid Friendly Dandiya Sticks

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