Quick Guide to Pick the Right School For Your Child!

Selecting the right school for your child is as important a decision as having a child. Getting the admissions in the right school – a difficult task indeed! As the schools open their admissions for the new academic year, parents of tiny tots seem awfully concerned due to various reasons. Some take the day off to visit schools and complete their admission procedures, while others seem to be running around to complete the documentation and online registrations. However, most parents are worried due to limited seats, uncommon schedule, different criteria, parent-teacher interview, recommendations, and huge fees that are sure to leave them unbalanced at some point in time.

On the other hand, school administrations are concerned with the increasing number of applications as opposed to the limited seats they offer. Even though popular schools gear up and plan their admission procedures well, parents often end up in long queues and unanswered queries.

Here are five quick tips for parents to choose the right school for their kid:
1. Choice of Curriculum – All schools in India are affiliated to ICSE, CBSE, IB, Cambridge or SSC boards majorly. Understanding the curriculum and syllabus of each board helps you to decide which board your ward can cope with. The structure revolving around each board is different and thus choosing the board as per the career goal of your child is extremely critical.
2. List down prominent schools in nearby areas – Once the Curriculum is finalized, list down the schools that offer it at an accessible distance. Find out the admission dates and documentation required for smooth proceedings. Despite a lot of schools running their buses covering almost all the areas in the city, you are undeniably concerned with long-distance commuting and worsening traffic conditions during peak hours.

Here’s a list of schools in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

3. Canteen food or not – Another issue that tops the list is the orderliness of the school canteen or mess. Though you may be packing the most nutritious and yummy lunch box, kids often pay no attention to their boxes and head straight into the canteen during the lunch break. Therefore, get reviews from other parents and ensure the food canteen offers hygienic and healthy food.
4. Extra-Curricular activities – With the kind of exposure kids get today, parents are undoubtedly keen on ‘not just academics’ but overall development of the child. Schools thus offer music, sports, and craft classes to match up with the expectations of the parents. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what activities are included in the curriculum or what after-school programs are offered in the premises.
5. Staff and Environment – Running after a reputed name is common. But do not forget, school is the second home for your child. You must check out the school campus, staff and teachers behavior with kids before you decide on the admission.

At the end of the day, the majority of schools are striving hard to make their premises kids-friendly, vibrant and focus on overall development of the children. Thus, it gets harder to pick one as all seem to reflect the feel-good factor. If you don’t seem to experience the positive vibes, the school should surely be out of your list.

KidEngage has compiled a comprehensive guide of all schools in Hyderabad /Secunderabad and Bangalore. This guide is a one-stop solution to all the school admission queries – the admission dates, criteria for admission, documentation required for admission and the fee charged by the school. The KidEngage School Admissions Guide helps every parent to simplify the admission process for all schools in your city.


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