#rightstart – What is the right age for a child to start preschool? And why?



Give your children a #rightstart to education

#rightstart – A campaign by Early Childhood Association to help parents to choose schools wisely

#rightstart1 – Wait till the child is old enough

Ensure that your child is the right age to start preschool

Here is how old your child should be at each of these levels:

  • Play School or Preschool – At least 2 years
  • Nursery – 3 years
  • L KG (KG 1) – 4 years
  • U KG (KG 2) – 5 years
  • Class 1 – 6 years


Playschool or Preschool refers to a nursery school that children attend for just a few hours per day. The aim of a play school is to help foster child development and inculcate social, ethical and motor skills. Play schools provide a safe, stimulating and positive environment and help children to explore, discover and learn from the world around.


It is up to the parent to decide when to send their child to school.

What age is right for your child to start playschool?

A child is ready for play school when: –

  1. The child is able to communicate verbally with adults and other kids
  2. The child is comfortable spending time away from the parents for the duration of the playschool.
  3. The child is confident and independent enough to begin to do age-appropriate tasks.
  4. The child has a desire to explore experiences outside of the home and expresses a desire to go to school.
  5. The child is able to focus on small tasks or activities and enjoy them too.
  6. The child enjoys being in a group.
  7. The child is toilet trained, at least to a certain extent.

The parent’s wish to send a child to play school is different from the child’s readiness to go.

Why wait?

Sending a child to play school before he/she is ready to go, could result in severe psychological damage to the child. You can try and send the child for a shorter duration if you don’t have the bandwidth to stimulate her or get her to interact with other children. But you should not enroll children in regular playschool before they are ready.

Stay tuned for more #rightstart points to look out for!!


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