Amateur to Artist – 10 Best Art Classes in Delhi NCR

Art classes in Delhi

“Art is as natural as sunshine, and as vital as nourishment” – so goes a very powerful quote. And it couldn’t be said better! There are only a few activities that come as naturally to kids as drawing or expressing themselves in various shapes or colors, from the time they develop their finger muscles enough to hold something. And it is not without its benefits. Research says that apart from developing a child’s fine motor skills, drawing or art also helps improve concentration and teaches creative problem solving. And the best part is that it’s fun – the process and the result. Bring in a mentor in the mix, and you will see that the child’s confidence skyrockets, and she starts expressing herself more strongly using art. Here are the best art classes in Delhi NCR that might get the art journey started for your child:

Himanshu Art Institute

Locations – West Delhi, Gurugram, Vaishali

Set up in 1997, Himanshu Art Institute aims at providing inspiring guidance, techniques and approaches in various mediums to aspiring artists. They also conduct exhibitions, workshops, painting competitions and quizzes for all age groups to encourage creativity and exhibit hidden and unexplored talent.

Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Arts

Location – Dwarka

They apply their personal experience to help the students to grow in the field of Art. Kalabhumi have an aim to impart maximum knowledge in the shortest possible time. They also co-ordinate with other organizations in certain volunteering activities like summer camps or in holding competitions.

Udaan Academy

Location – Gurugram

A professionally managed creative organization which offers lessons in Fine arts/Visual arts to a wide range of audience since 10 years, Udaan Academy offers customised courses for different age groups, right from pre-schoolers to adults.


Location – Vasant Kunj

Creativity cannot be taught neither can it be given in the form of potion that one can gulp. It is the process of identifying talents and harnessing them – this is the strong belief of this organisation. Founded in 2008, KALASTHALI, with its structured programme, has nurtured young talent in various arts forms. The faculty at Kalasthali includes experts from various acclaimed institutions.

NIFA (National Institute of Fine Arts)

Location – South Delhi, North Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram

Nifa teaches its students realistic drawing and painting,which helps in strenghtening confidence. Nifa takes a very classical approach in teaching drawing and painting. What it means is that instructions coupled with practice, will bring about an independent and confident artist in you. Student have worked for years before they ever became “masters” themselves. After months with Nifa , students and their families are constantly amazed at their new abilities.

The Art Hub

Location – South Exth, New Delhi

This institute offers art workshops in a creative environment that supports the artistic journey of each student. Enhance your creativity process through a study of the physical realities of Painting, Drawing & Sketching, Sculpture Making and Photography. Explore different approaches to Paints, Brushes, Canvas, Paper, Steel, Camera and more.

Prath Art Centre

Location – Panchsheel Park, New Delhi

Prath, an art centre for children, is a unique and innovative art facility, that offers children between the ages of 2 to 16 years a complete and developmental art programme that focuses on building all kinds of skills. They offer your child the opportunity of a comprehensive exposure to Art, Craft, Pottery and Sculpture, and Stained Glass under the guidance of creative art teachers in a completely protected and emotionally secure environment.


Defence Colony, New Delhi

They offer various types of art and craft workshops just to keep your kids away from the state of being idle. These classes keep them busy physically and mentally and sharpen their skills. These kinds of workshops and classes are arranged just to allow kids to interact with each other and develop a friendly atmosphere where kids learn lots of new things and also gain knowledge.

Ritikaran provides not only ideas & tools to help your kids but also brings your creativity along with theirs to life.

Art with Children

Location – Gurugram

AWC is built on passion for fun activities that encourages creativity in children. Art with Children was basically created to fulfill that wish to celebrate the natural creativity in children. So they ensure that the projects are fun filled and engaging. Since its inception, they have aspired to make it easy and delightful for the children to spend their time with a group of budding artists, exploring various art techniques and projects together.

Culture Chauraha

Location – Gulmohur Park, New Delhi

Culture Chauraha is an art studio dedicated to promoting/developing the creative side of every individual joinin them. The age group ranges from 4-year-olds to 80 years and beyond, teaching a variety of arts & crafts technique.

Have any other recommendations for Art Classes in Delhi NCR? Have been to one of these classes and want to review them? Let us know!


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