10 Best Videos of the Year for Kids – #KidEngageYearEnders

Best videos

Most of the kids are home for winter vacations, and it is always a challenge to find another trick to keep them busy as soon as you hear the dreaded words – I am bored! We thought it’s the perfect time to dig the internet to get some best videos that were out in 2018. These videos will make the children enjoy, learn and ponder – and they’re fun! Here we are:

Magic Tricks for the Budding Magician

For the Why Why Kids

What are We without Our Emotions?

A Mother Polar Bear and her Cubs Emerging from Hibernation

Let’s get Crafty, with Newspaper

3D Printers – See How They ‘Print’ Objects

Some Career Advice

Is Day Zero a Closer Reality than We Assume?

The Mystery Behind What You See (or Not!) in a Masterpiece

Slime is an All-Time Favorite

Have you come across any interesting videos for kids? Please do share with us!

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