Christmas Themed Do-A-Dot Art Activity For Kids!

Xmas fervour is in the air! This is one festival that is loved by all kids and many fun games and activities can be planned around it.

I did a quick Christmas themed activity with my son. We made a simple card with a do-a-dot green color marker. Do-a-dot markers are children’sĀ favorite.

They help improve hand-eye coordination as kids can direct the stamp at their exact aim on the paper. They are also very easy to hold.















If you haven’t let your kids paint with do-a-dot yet, then you should probably do it soon and enjoy watching them go stamp-stamp!!

Ideal for Ages: 1.6 years +

All you need is:

– A cardstock paper 12 x 10 (or your desired size)

– Green do-a-dot marker

– Black and brown pens to mark tree borders and trunk

I drew a shape of a Christmas tree with a black marker and let my son use his favorite do-a-dot to fill it.
As we did the activity, we talked about the colors- green and brown, about Christmas and the shape-circle (the dot).

Learning opportunities:

1. Hand and eye coordination

2. Colors and Shapes

3. Fun









Download your file here:

Christmas Shadow Matching Activity- With FREE Printable To Download!


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