Favourite DIY Blogs of 2018 on KidEngage – #KidEngageYearEnders

KidEngageYearEnders - Best DIY Blogs of 2018

There is so much to love about do it yourself (DIY) projects! Any project, whether simple or complex, would definitely give you a different kind of satisfaction. Not only do you get to de-stress while doing something fun but you also get to spend less. What’s more, you are also creatively engaging your children and getting them to learn to DIY!

So for all those who love a good DIY – Make and Do, Art & Craft, Recipes – we have scoured our Blog and found the coolest DIY blogs for you!

DIY Blogs that made an impact

Make natural Holi colours at home

How to Make Natural Colors for Holi at Home – A fun DIY

DIY Candy Goodie Bag for Valentines Day

DIY Candy Goodie Bag for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Hacks to host a Republic Day Party

Jai Hind! DIY hacks for hosting a Republic Day party for your kids!

Craft Ideas for Toddlers

5 Craft Ideas for 2-4 Year Olds

DIY Rakhis

3 DIY Rakhis that your sibling will love!

Boredom Hacks

Little One Bored at Home? Try these Boredom Hacks!

DIY Golu Dolls

Get Creative this Dussehra – 10 Ideas to make your own dolls for the Golu!

DIY Activities to teach about Mahatma Gandhi

Teach children about Mahatma Gandhi – DIY Activities

DIY Halloween Cosplay for Kids

Cosplay – 5 Popular Characters Your Kids Must Try this Halloween

Easy Protein Rich Recipes for Children

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Child’s Diet Protein-Rich

Festive Delights for the little tummies

5 Festive Tummy Delights Your Kids Shouldn’t Miss

DIY Eco-friendly Ganesha Ideas

Green Ganesha – 10 Ideas to DIY with Eco-friendly Materials


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