Lets Paint A Rock – A Fun Art Activity for Kids!

Keeping the li’l monkeys creatively engaged will be a difficult task for moms. The challenge is to find exciting activities that will not only be fun but an effective use of their time. Here is an exciting DIY craft that can easily be made using things that are lying around in most homes.

Painting the rocks is not just a fun hobby, but you can use the painted rocks as a paperweight, transform it into fridge magnets, write inspirational messages for friends and family or even use these mini art pieces to decorate your garden.

All you need is to pick a rock that is smooth and round preferably, wash it well, decide the design and voila, create your masterpiece.

You will need


1. A round and smooth stone, sea rock or a pebble
2. Acrylic paints (any water-based paints will work)
3. Painting brush
4. Water
5. Clean cloth to wipe the rock
6. Mod Podge or other sealer

Start Painting!

Step 1


Pick a rock that is smooth and round. Wash it with liquid soap and clean water to ensure no dirt is left on it, which may later tarnish the look of our painting. Wipe the rock with a clean cloth and let dry.

Step 2

Spread a newspaper on the table or surface where you wish to paint the rock. Keep some tissues or paper towels ready to avoid spillage.

Step 3


Choose the design you like. You can get creative with colorful designs, writings or any abstract designs that you may want to paint. You can choose a theme and paint a few rocks as per the theme. Design also depends upon the use of the rock later. If you are using it in the garden, you can paint a lady bug or an owl or a flower or a mouse.

Step 4


Start with a base color and then paint the other details. Paint the larger areas first. Let it dry. Use another coat if required. Only after you are sure that the side had dried completely, flip over to the other side and repeat.

Step 5

Seal the painted rock with mod podge or any other spray sealer of your choice. Especially, if the rocks are to be placed outdoors, it is essential that it is sealed well with spray.

The options are endless. Get creative with writings, colors, and designs. Importantly, enjoy the craft and ROCK!

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