Healthy Home = Healthy Family – 14 Habits to Follow from Today!

When it comes to ­our health, most of us make a fresh start with the new year.

To help you kick things off,  I have chalked out a few tips which will help make sure that you are taking good care of your family and children.

1. Children should not be falling sick too often, they should be active and have a good appetite. Having said that, to ensure that children develop a good appetite, make the house gadget free or limit its usage to (not more than 30 mins on weekdays and 1 hr on weekends).

3. Encourage outdoor play and sign them up for different sports.

4. Involve kids in the kitchen – food handling, kitchen gardening in leisure, composting, and watering plants.

5. Eat Local, Seasonal and Fresh foods only. Practice making seasonal delicacies like pickles, papads, sweets, and savories at home rather than buying it from outside.

6. Sign up for family weekend treks, rather than spending time in theatres and malls. To find the best weekend events and activities in your city, click here.

7. Make sure the kitchen dustbin has only organic wastes like peels of vegetables and fruits, rather than tins, plastics or plastic wrappers.

8. Grandparents could be coached to offer fruits and nuts to their grandchildren instead of candies, toffees, and junk to shower love. Nobody can be a better storyteller than a grandparent.

9. Stock the home right, so that you don’t have to put in an extra effort to eat clean.

10. Indulge with kids in fun games like – sand play, hopscotch, seven stones etc. You can even play traditional Indian games like Chowkabara etc. 

11. Have birthday parties at home- it’s not just more affectionate and warm but gives a personal touch to your event. Also make sure that the return gift is such that it encourages children to play – like skipping rope, frisbies or a potted plant.

12. Keep fruits, vegetables and dairy products washed, cut and ready to eat so that there is no scope for unnecessary binging.

Some of the non-tedious snacking items that can be given are:
Fruits: Oranges, guava, banana, pomegranate or grapes
Nuts: Plain and roasted
Chikki: Peanut, rajgira, til
Dry Fruit ladoos
Channa boiled/ chaat

Even you are able to follow most of the points and practice them in your daily routine,  be well assured to have a healthy home always!

Cheers to Healthy Living!

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