Tintin’s most unforgettable adventures – 10 Favourite Tintin Books

10 Favourite Tintin Comics

The Adventures of Tintin was created as a series of comic strips by Belgian artist Georges Remi, who took on the pen name Hergé. The comic first appeared in French in a children’s supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle on 10 January 1929. Since then, Tintin has become a classic for both children and adults.  Consisting of 24 volumes, this book series describes the thrilling, globetrotting adventures of the young reporter Tintin, who is accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy and a cast of striking characters who give readers an endless love-affair with adventures!

The Adventures of Tintin is split into multiple volumes, each covering one of the hero’s many adventures around the world. It is one of those book series that are better read and experienced than explained. Fun and thrilling, The Adventures of Tintin are worth a read and also make great gifts!  With Tintin turning 90 this year, we decided to pick out our favorite books about the Belgian boy wonder’s adventures. 

Our 10 Favourite Tintin Books

  1. The Black Island

The Adventures of Tintin - The Black Island

The Black Island is the 7th book in the series of The Adventures of Tintin. The story tells of young Belgian reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy, who travel to England in pursuit of a gang of counterfeiters. This book has all the thrills of an adventurous ride. With cliff-hanging car chases and a fiend gorilla as the Tintin tries to foil a forgery plot without detectives Thompson and Thomson.

  1. The Blue Lotus

The Adventures of Tintin - The Blue Lotus

Tintin is in India where he’s approached by a Chinese visitor who is poisoned as he delivers a message to Tintin. Tintin begins looking for the killer and starts on a journey across Asia, fighting a secretive opium cartel with a long, powerful reach. This adventure feels more realistic since Tintin is dealing with real-world tensions between the Japanese and the Chinese.

  1. The Secret of the Unicorn

The Adventures of Tintin - The Blue Secret of the Unicorn

This is the 11th volume from the Tintin series and explores the world of sea-faring pirates. Captain Haddock discovers his heroic ancestor Sir Francis and Tintin finds a mystery which could reveal what pirates do best-treasure of Francis’s sworn enemy Red Rackham.  This is a story about the search for a map to a lost treasure that is tangled in family disputes and the acts of one petty criminal. This is more of a traditional detective mystery than a thrilling adventure.

  1. Explorers on the moon

The Adventures of Tintin - Explorers on the moon

In Tintin: Explorers on the Moon, the adventurous reporter takes you out of this world literally, when his escapades take him to the moon. After Destination Moon, Tintin is on a rocket that is headed straight for the moon. With the whole gang, which includes Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, the Thompson twins, and Snowy, on the rocket, Tintin has to figure his next move fast before the worst happens. The book is preceded by the book called Tintin: Destination Moon and followed by the Calculus Affair. This book has all the love for an adventure packed in a book.

  1. The Crab with the Golden Claws

The Adventures of Tintin - The Crab with the golden Claw

Tintin follows some clues that lead to a group of criminals who have been smuggling opium in crab tins. He attempts to escape from them but that leaves him struggling to survive in the Sahara desert. This is an exotic, old school tale that reminds us of movies like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is considered as the most definitive Tintin book and it is a great book to start with.

  1. Tintin in Tibet

The Adventures of Tintin - Tintin in Tibet

Tintin’s friend Chang is killed in a terrible plane crash and this leaves him distraught. But Tintin has a strange dream, that convinces him that Chang is alive. Tintin goes to the Himalayas to search for him. The following adventure is filled with mystical visions, freezing weather, and the great mysterious yeti. This book has some of the best illustrations of the Tintin series. This is also the author’s favorite Tintin adventure. A good tale of friendship.

  1. The Calculus Affair

The Adventures of Tintin - The Calculus Affair

This 18th volume of the Tintin series is a chase thriller-cum-spy mystery. In this book, strange events at Marlinspike Hall involving a dangerous sonar device and the kidnapping of Professor Calculus sends Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock on a dangerous rescue mission.

  1. The Prisoners of the Sun

The Adventures of Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun

In this adventure, Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock travel to Peru in search of Professor Calculus and overcome danger through luck and quick thinking. Clever and balanced, this story is an iconic Tintin adventure.

  1. Red Rackham’s Treasure

The Adventures of Tintin - Red Rackham’s Treasure

Red Rackham’s Treasure (Tintin) is the 12th book in the Tintin series and is an old-fashioned treasure hunt! In The Secret Of The Unicorn, that precedes this book, Captain Haddock and Tintin discover what could be directions to the sunken ship, The Unicorn which they think contains Red Rackham’s treasure. This adventure sees Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock head off into the sea, in a shark-proof submarine given to them by Professor Calculus to search for the fabled treasure of Red Rackham. On their way to the sea, the crew is joined by Thomson and Thompson, the detectives, who join the group to protect them from rival treasure hunters.

  1. The Castafiore Emerald

The Adventures of Tintin - The Castafiore Emerald

In this story, Tintin attends a small gathering at his friend’s mansion where the attending diva, Bianca Castafiore begins to find her jewels missing. This is a comical story, with a lot of absurdity. This book is an interesting break from Tintin’s usual thrills and offers readers a fun look at the character’s lives and their world.


Should your children read Tintin comics? 

The Tintin comics have both good and bad aspects. It spreads awareness about alcoholism and supports those who are oppressed. It gives readers a peek into different parts of the world and learn about different people. But it also supports the dark side of the society of that time (that was full of racism and stereotypes).
Leaving children to think that the representations of different races and nationalities were alright or accurate would be a terrible mistake. Still, keeping children away from the exciting adventures of Tintin would also be a mistake. Give them education and awareness about the issues in the book. As parents, you can point out these and talk about them to your children. This way they can still enjoy the adventures and the stories while learning and cringing at the racism. Use Tintin comics for entertainment and pleasure reading and also as a tool to teach them about some of the darker realities of the world. Also, learning about distressing topics and seeing how they can be hurtful creates the possibility for, empathy and change.

Tintin forever! 

Tintin is, without a doubt, one of the most charming, suspenseful, and exhilarating comics in history that have enduring appeal! Go on and read them!

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