DIY Touch and Feel Wall Decoration for Sankranthi!

Makara Sankranti is one of the major harvest festivals which is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. It is said that on this day the sun enters the sphere of capricorn or the” Makar Rashi”and is celebrated on Jan 14 every year.

The auspicious day of Makar Sankranti marks the beginning of warmer and longer days  compared to nights. It is celebrated with different names all over India. In Gujarat, it is called “Uttarayan”, in Tamil Nadu “Pongal”and in Himachal and Punjab it is called “Maghi”. As the festival is celebrated during winter, people start  preparing foods which give them energy and also keep their body warm. Laddus of til are made up with sesame and jaggery. People fly kites and have various kite flying competitions. The famous Kumbh Mela is also held on this auspicious day.

Let’s capture the warmth of this  festival in this “touch and feel” wall decoration for Sankranthi that will easily help children learn about the festival while they get to make something beautiful to adorn their home.


You need:

Round card board

Brown and printed paper

Green tape






Cotton ball 


To make:

1.Cover the round piece of card board with a plain paper and stick the green tape all round.


2. Take the twigs and secure with a needle and thread on to the cardboard to make the trunk of trees.

3.Cut the green tape in the shape of leaves and stick over the twigs.

4.With the brown paper cut out the shape of a pot and a house.


5.Cut a kite on the printed paper.

6. Paste all these on the card board.With the yarn make the tail of kite.


7. Paste the toothpicks under the pot to show as the fire wood.Paste a small piece of cotton over the pot to show as the milk is boiling.


8. Finally attach a string or ribbon on the back side so that you can hang it on the wall .


9. Complete and finish the details on the pot and house as per your choice

10. Your wall piece is ready with the details highlighting the customs of Sankranti!

This festival is all about forgetting bitter and sad moments that happened in the past and welcoming a new phase of life which is full of purity, knowledge, and wisdom.

Happy Makara Sankranti!

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