Chanting “OM” during meditation is the key to improving concentration in kids!

OM is the universal mantra!

All sounds emerge from and dissolve into OM. Chanting this during meditation is very powerful and beneficial for children as it has a very profound impact on the child’s brain development as follows:

  • Concentration levels improve in children leading to a better focus towards their goals especially during exams.
  • Higher performance levels in studies as the nervous system is activated with the powerful vibrations of this mantra.
  • Works on the emotional level; controls anger, develops patience, compassion and tolerance levels  are also increased.
  • Hones the creative side of a child thereby enabling cognitive brain development.
  • Inculcates the habit of mindful learning and mindful living at a very early age which is a sign of good health and a positive lifestyle in the long run.




There are innumerable benefits of devoting only 5 mins of your early morning time with kids to chant this UNIVERSAL mantra!

Do share your experiences of  practicing yoga and meditation with your kids in the comments below.


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