Summer Vacation time again! Start Planning!

Summer Vacation

“I’m bored!” are probably the words that every parent dreads, especially when they are coming out of the child’s mouth, right at the start of the summer vacation. The days are long and hot. And children need constant activity, else they get bored.  Parents constantly juggle the schedules to fit in travel, classes, family visits and feel guilty at not being able to give “enough free time” to children to have fun, and enjoy the summer holidays.

With just a little bit of planning, you could make navigating the summers as easy as having a delicious mango.  Here are some great ideas and resources to turn your children’s summer vacation time, more enjoyable and educational.

Go Play!

Summer Vacation Games

Free play time has to be the main ingredient of any vacation. Right from the fun of playing good old Ludo in the long, hot summer afternoons to play dates as well as the outdoor running to video games in a certain limit are what make the stress of a long academic session disappear. Just make sure there is good foot-tapping music and yummy and cool snacks to keep them energetic and hydrated!



Hop Into Hobby Classes

Get your child to learn painting, taekwondo, skating or anything else that she might be interested in. This is one of the age old and classic ways to keep your kid busy and help her learn new skills at the same time. Find the best ones around your area based on your child’s interest here.



Be a Bookworm!Summer Vacation Reading

Subscribe for a membership at a library and get books that your kid would love to read. This would encourage her to develop an interest in reading and is a fail-safe method of keeping them indoors during those hot afternoons. You could also help her build her own collection of books by picking some great titles. Watch this space for recommendations on best books to read during summer vacation.




Pool FunSummer Vacation Swimming

Take them to a swimming pool a few times a week. This will help your kids beat the summer heat as well as help them learn swimming if they don’t know already. Here are some swimming pools in Hyderabad and Bangalore that you could check out. Your kids will love splashing around, and as we all know, they grow faster than normal during summer vacation time !


Get Crafty!Kids Fair1

Crafting has many advantages, including the motor skills and the patience it imparts to the children. It is the best to keep your child engaged for a long period of time and also give a boost to his creativity. The KidEngage activity boxes make it super fun and super easy to have them occupied constructively for a better part of a sizzling summer vacation!

 Summer Camps

Enroll your kid to any of the numerous summer camps going on in the city. Your little one will get to learn a lot of new skills while being at a single place and will also be constructively engaged for at least half a day. Some camps span the duration of the summer vacation, whereas others run for just 2-3 weeks. Do the research (we will help you there in the coming weeks !) and remember, the best camps during summer vacation get full early !



Kitchen FunSummer Vacation snacks

Involve your child (depending on his age) in as many kitchen activities as you can. An activity as simple as discarding the vegetable peels to something as complex as baking a cake can give your child the real feel of working in a kitchen while keeping him busy and creatively occupied. Of course, no summer vacation is complete without the child doing something with mangoes!


Get Organized

Summer vacations could be a great time to teach the kids the skills of decluttering. Involve them in spring cleaning one part of the house every day. Encourage them to donate what they don’t use any more to someone who might need it. Apart from being mindful of their own consumption, they will learn the very important lessons of sharing and social responsibility.



Go UnplannedSummer Vacation events

Every once in a while, chuck the routine, and take the family away on an unplanned break, or an outing – saves you from the constant stress of planning every single minute, and keeps the excitement of summer vacations alive. Help’s always handy, so that you can keep a check on what’s happening in the city!


What are your summer saviours? Let the other parents know in the comments below.

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