The world seemed so much fun when we read to understand and play with letters. To begin our letter buildings through crosswords and dumb charades! We sank in the concept while lunching, bathing or swinging in the park. The counting of toffees, buttons, straws…seemed it all. The length, breadth, height, and the area… We knew nothing about geometry; still knew to balance our mud houses and work with lots of laughter and great joy. The concepts that once were excitement and teamwork are diminishing now. And it seems unfair.

It’s Annual examination now, the countdown to a higher class. This class will prepare them for yet another climb up the ladder.  They are studying subjects. Each bifurcated into multiples of 2. This contextual memorizing has taken their childhood away. Their sleep, their food, their playtime; all squeezed. And what more? No friend time, please???!!

Examinations and it’s score has ruined the possibilities of curiosity and generate only the perfect answers as Toppers and none more. Why is a child with high imagination and less memorization labelled as in Section B?? Why is a creative writer hushed and bent to read “Just The Dialogues” as per the play??  Why is a team player asked to stake only on Position No. 1???

Examinations…and the invigilators, mark that child free. Give him his due, allow him to write,  a paper as per his comprehension. Let him mince a bit of his own, let him play with his words in the essay, guide his formation and facilitate his interests…Let him answer the papers…bright.

“He will compete, he will win, he will be a Leader….one day ”

The scores, the papers, the Examinations . …..Will only stay.. ..On the Sheets!!


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